The Elf All About Himself! (something for the kids)

blur celebration christmas christmas decoration
Once upon a time, there was an angry little elf.
who didn’t think of anyone, but only himself.
He was always so mad, and sometimes a bit sad,
that work, work, work, was all he ever had.
His friends called him mean, said stop being selfish.
“Be like us, and act more elfish.”
So, one winters eve, Santa came by to say,
that he thought the elf, was looking at Christmas, the wrong way.
“Just think of the children, and those lineups for miles,
their tiny small faces, with giant big smiles.”
“Yes, they write me the letters, but you build the orders.
Can’t you tell it’s important and that your job’s like no others.”
All of the sudden, the elf began to grin,
his heart filled with love, he could feel it from within.
For the very first time, did the elf finally see,
that the holiday season was not only about me.
It’s the gift of giving and really not what you receive,
this is what makes Christmas so special and allows us to believe.

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