Last Call From Beyond

grayscale photography of human skull

There was an alone never felt before.
The night giving way to the morning.
I watched the mist dance.
Skin crawling from a day’s long.
As I sat paralyzed thinking every story was true.
Struck four and I heard a song.
Like something needed me in the flesh.
To watch them dance and sing.
Share spirits for a spirit.
Only I would ever see.
That night they all went free.
I awoke and the sun was shining.

10 Comments on “Last Call From Beyond

  1. I spent so much time as a girl in my twenties as a “club girl.” I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I never knew that people actually stood in line to get into a club! Haha, this sounds so vain, but looking back, I realized much later that I was on every vip list in every club I went to. I forgot to thank those managers, lol!

    But in spite of all the glitz and glamour of the night life from those days, my absolute favorite memories were from those nights in the hole in the wall, local pool bars…playing until the sun came up and then heading home, spent, on Saturday mornings to sleep in….

    Of course, I don’t recall any bartenders that looked like you! Heh. 🤓

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