Now, For Your Logo News

So, what do you think of my new logo? Sorry my friends, this post is a definite shameless plug and I apologize right away. But, I can’t help sharing how I feel about it. I’ve posted it on a few social media platforms already with awesome feedback so far and I just had to make a blog entry to keep the happiness going. I commissioned this some time ago and I am super thrilled with how it turned out. The process was a slow one, and I wanted it to be that way. It had to be perfect, and I wanted to get something that speaks to who I am as a writer. I think it hit the exact mark. Don’t you?

In the same conversation and very serendipitous, a very good friend of mine over at One day at a time… suggested a few days ago that one of my quotes would look good on a coffee mug. Ding! A light went off. That suggestion and the fact that my logo was ready, made me think of combining the two and potentially creating a little project for myself. How about dabbling into the world of swag, Ash? Maybe a said coffee cup, or a T-Shirt, or pretty much anything I could detail using both my logo and some of my works. Of course, this is coming off the high of being excited, but I feel motivated. It’s a good feeling, I’m proud and I don’t care who knows it. Let’s see what I come up with, shall we? In saying that, I have attached a photo below to give you a glimpse of my vision and what I am talking about. Please, your comments are welcomed and go ahead and share your thoughts. Feed my excitement and you never know, I might give it a shot. Maybe in the not so distant future you too can own a little Earth to Ash.


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