Journal Entries

A life worth living is also a life worth writing down. – Ash

Journal Entries

Journal Entry # 220 – Here’s A Foot Note

I went for a walk the other day along the beach. As I did, I happened to look down and notice my footprints in the sand. I realized something. Every day, I worry so much about the steps I need to take and less about the ones I’ve taken. Life is always about moving forward […]

Journal Entry # 217 – It Came To Me In A Stream

You weren’t scared to be born. We struggle with how we feel about dying. But, before we figure it out, it most likely will be over too. So, all that’s left is to live. Never be afraid to live. Live your life to its absolute fullest and absorb every single moment of it. Because living […]

Journal Entry # 213 – Piece Be With You

When people try to intimidate you, they are masquerading power over their weakness. They think if they bully, they can cover it up in order to take anything they want. Even a piece of you. Don’t give them anything. Be strong and keep yourself together. Every one of those pieces intact. If you can do that, you […]

Journal Entry # 212 – It’s How I Field

Friends come in flowers, some in weeds. The flowers rise with us, support us, and share in the things that help us grow and prosper. The weeds smother us, try to take us over, steal all the sunshine and choke out life until we fall. When you plant your gardens, make sure you can tell […]

Journal Entry # 211 – I Seed The Light

I took a walk yesterday in a palette of reds, browns, and some orange. With clean, crisp, fresh October air filling my lungs, it occurred to me. As leaves change, so have I. What hung to me for so long has now fallen to the ground. The deaths of yesterday sow seeds for tomorrow. They […]

Journal Entry # 210 – Life, Don’t Get Too Brook Up Over It!

I’ve always been told that things happen for a reason. I know that’s sometimes a way of making me feel better when life hits a rough patch. Although, I’ve come to look at it like this. It’s not so much of what happens to us that needs a reason, but rather, how we learn and […]


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