Journal Entry # 7 – Health is Wealth

Today… Health is wealth…balance your ledger!!

Journal Entry # 6 – Friendships

Today… Friendships are like finding money in an old coat pocket. When you realize that it is still there after all this time, it suddenly reminds you of how fortunate you really are.

Journal Entry # 5 – Feeling Zen

Today… ‘Find your Zen moment’

Journal Entry # 4 – Take it in!

Today… ‘Stop what you’re doing, and just take it in’

Journal Entry # 3 – Screen Time

Today… ‘Screen time is unavoidable really, but still very much controllable. Sometimes you need to unplug…to recharge.’    

Foggy Love

‘Blind must be the heart, when there is so much colour… all that’s seen is grey.’

Journal Entry # 2

Today… “Let’s take inventory of what makes us happy, and surround ourselves with more of it.”  

Journal Entry # 1

Today… I told myself to not give negativity the power to consume, dwelling on things will slowly eat away at your soul. – “Stay Positive”    


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Trust me, I’m Roaring with you…

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