The Hillside

Photo by Liis Saar on

a hillside where I played, now lies dormant…unused. 
laughter no longer carries in the wind  
where childish breath was once contrasted to the pitch night sky 
the grass, still worn, but not from play  
for there is a gray hue of neglect that looms across its blades 
this lonely hillock connects me to my past 
the lost adventures of a youngster  
where berries were alien and stones stood as kid’ish vessels 
simpler then, necessary, far from times reach 
now that time binds me to the present, I can only reflect on the before 
as I do, memories swarm my mind and I start to see the patches of green again 
familiar images beautifully paint my imagination, chasing away the dark shadows 
irrelevance slowly deliquescing away 
my boyish reminiscence forever welcomed 
I see more beyond this passed by place  
and embrace a trigger to the memories it has kept for me this long 
that hillside… 
…where I played. 

One Ray of Sun

ray of sun.jpg
Just one ray of sun can melt it all away,
make it right, make it ok.

Embrace like before with meaning and feel,
something I forgot was actually once real.

The static between can easily be gone,
takes simply understanding, not brains nor brawn.

Bring it back from where we left it in the dark.
Let’s let all the light in, all I need is your heart.

Look Back

How do you keep walking forward without wanting to look back?
Your self-made contempt must justify it.
My journey through hearsay.
Birth to beyond being explained,
while I’ve never been posed with a question.

Imprisoned by pride with that broken conscience,
do you get to stand trial for your faults?
If excuse could no longer be an option, what then would you plea?
I know, that even at that moment, you’ll still forget,
forget to just turn around….
…to see what you left behind.

Hidden Smile


If you see me sometime and I don’t look your way,
I beg your pardon, just not myself today.

My smile is hidden, my laughter’s gone quiet.
Contrast to normal, I mean not to try it.

The struggle within is a battle some time,
feels like a mountain that’s too high to climb.

It’s lonely in there, just me and my thought.
Understand why? You probably will not.

If you see me displaced, please keep your intention.
Show me concern and give me attention.

There’s a smile inside, it just got displaced.
Knowing you care will bring it back to my face.

The Shine of Your Sun


My silhouette has faded, the lines have all blurred.
Struggling within, with what may have occurred.

At what point was there a turn that was made?
My shadow eclipsed and now has no shade.

Feels like a prison but though there are no bars that confine me,
yet I serve my own sentence that will forever bind me.

To what makes me the reason? To what makes me the cause?
To what makes me regret that I showed you my flaws.

I know there’ll be a day when you’ll see how come.
Because my shadow will return from the shine of your sun.