The Hillside

          A hillside where I played, now lies dormant, unused. Laughter no longer carries in the wind where childish breath was once contrasted to the pitch night sky. The grass, still worn, but no… Read More

One Ray of Sun

Just one ray of sun can melt it all away, make it right, make it ok. Embrace like before with meaning and feel, something I forgot was actually once real. The static between can easily be gone, takes simply… Read More

Look Back

How do you keep walking forward without wanting to look back? Your self-made contempt must justify it. My journey through hearsay. Birth to beyond being explained, while I’ve never been posed with a question. Imprisoned by pride with that… Read More

Hidden Smile

If you see me sometime and I don’t look your way, I beg your pardon, just not myself today. My smile is hidden, my laughter’s gone quiet. Contrast to normal, I mean not to try it. The struggle within is… Read More

The Shine of Your Sun

My silhouette has faded, the lines have all blurred. Struggling within, with what may have occurred. At what point was there a turn that was made? My shadow eclipsed and now has no shade. Feels like a prison but… Read More