Am I Write? # 23 – Write This Second

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If you get an idea, take a second and record it. By whatever means necessary. Because I bet the last time you got inspired, you figured you’d remember your creative thought, you didn’t, and now you hate yourself for it. A jot can become a lot, just write. – Ash

My Works of Heart

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There are times my heart speaks for me, this is the place I keep its voice.– Ash

Hey everybody,

I am just dropping in for a second. I have decided to tweak an already existing page on my blog. It’s for my poems. I’ve noticed from time to time that WordPress does some wonky stuff. While I was looking over mine the other day, I noticed some bugs like my pages cut off after a few “older posts” clicks. That affected my links and how much people could read. Damn you, WordPress! So, I went and created a page that links all of my poetry to one webpage and you can scroll all the way through them. One by one. There’s nothing worse than finding out people can’t see your stuff because of site issues.

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Post Of Christmas Past # 1 – The Christmas Concert

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When I think of Christmases past, I remember the school concerts we had every year. After dark bus rides, pants too short, running around in your classroom at night, and those blinding stage lights. The moment you spotted your family you’d instantly wished you didn’t. It was usually the moment my voice cracked.

Ah, the Christmas concert, the only time I ever wore tights and never got arrested.

What’s your memory of Christmas concerts? Come on, let me know in the comments. Don’t give in to stagefright!

The Red Journal (She’s Really Gone!)

Friday, 7:30 P.M.
(After hitting a wall with their initial investigation, Ethan and Sarah are forced to leave the precinct in a mad panic after another murder is reported. We find them en route to the scene of the crime which coincidentally is also her best friends last known whereabouts)

Ethan was weaving back and forth and veering in and out. His 2009 Grand Marquis flew pass cars like they were parked. Traffic was surprisingly heavy for that time of day as if it were some sort of sign purposely trying to delay the inevitable. It was obvious what was on each of their minds, but still Ethan was not used to Sarah being so quiet. His thoughts quickly flipped to how she was processing this potentially horrific coincidence? Her ex-boyfriend had been found dead just days ago, her best friend was not answering her cellphone, and now…now they’re two minutes out from a crime scene at the very venue her best-friend was attending.  

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