Those Shades Looked Better on You

Your smile that day was the last, when those shades looked better on you. This the chance? Sun high, mid-afternoon, like yesterday, memorial to me. Funny, we talked longer, unlike us, the hint? A stride from you taken,… Read More

The Static

Suddenly the static…then nothing. An alter-ego, unhinged. Your split was misconceived, as most would rather bathe in ignorance, and wade in shallows of the misunderstood.

Dandelions to Babes

Out the door, I pick up the pace. Time to play…no time to waste. Down the yard, tightrope the curb, As I zipped up the road, not a “hello” was heard. Along the path such a pretty site, Dandelions,… Read More


Just when the sun peeks the brightest, an eclipse takes aim right for it. A smile protecting what’s left, I take a knee.

Mystery Blogger Award

Once again I have been surprised by another acknowledgement award, completely from left field.  There’s no bigger compliment to my writing and to my bog then a compliment from my peers.  Thanks again Avid Observer, I really appreciate… Read More

By the Salt

Crusty eyes wake excited, when mornings are usually slumbered. Sun stretching, this early. We leave Theresa with a wave, that smile. You and I now, a trip of bond. The mist chills my face… his dory crashing against… Read More

Piece Of Your Heart

A long time ago we promised a connection. But we’ve found ourselves adrift, in the other direction. Alike by the bloodline that flows deep within, difficult to conceive that we were both born as kin. I’ve questioned at… Read More