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Sometimes things come out of my mouth that makes sense. But, don’t quote me on it. – Ash

A Shade of Ash # 9 – Beaten Heart

Distance between us feels like dementia of my heart . It still beats, but it’s getting harder to remember what makes it. – Dad

Journal Entry # 215 – Our Life Story

We can’t carry on with the story of our lives without finishing all the chapters. No matter how some of them ended. – Ash

For What It’s Wharf

Don’t take any ship. If friends dock behind your back, they should not be a port of your life. – A Little Pun Ash

Journal Entry # 213 – Piece Be With You

When people try to intimidate you, they are masquerading power over their weakness. They think if they bully, they can cover it up in order to take […]

Journal Entry # 212 – It’s How I Field

Friends come in flowers, some in weeds. The flowers rise with us, support us, and share in the things that help us grow and prosper. […]

Journal Entry # 209 – You Got That Ripe

Everything comes in its own time. Everything comes when you are ripe. Everything comes when you deserve it – this is my experience. – Osho


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