Journal Entry # 156 – What Can I say? I’m a Fall Guy!

Leave the road, take the trails. – Pythagoras

The Red Journal (She’s Really Gone!)

Friday, 7:30 P.M.(After hitting a wall with their initial investigation, Ethan and Sarah are forced to leave the precinct in a mad panic after another murder is reported. We find them en route to the scene of the… Read More

A Shade of Ash

Hello, is it me you’re looking for? OK, I’m starting to think my last post was a bit of a jinx. It’s been yet another week where Earth to Ash has sat dormant while tumbleweeds blew across my… Read More

Another Pain In The Ash

Hey everybody, I thought I would shoot out a quick post as it’s been a few days since you last heard from me. The reason for that is because of another bout of neck pain that decided to… Read More