Write On!!!

Hey all, So the people have spoken, the votes have been tabulated, and whatever “manopause” I was going through must of has ran its course, because I am back slapping keys. Thank you in every language because you… Read More

What’s My Name Again?

Hear ye, hear ye, This meeting is now in order, who wants to go first? OK I’ll start, “Hello everybody, my name is Ashley Douglas and I am in fact a guy”. I’ve had this post tucked away… Read More

To My Followers

I have been doing a lot of soul-searching as of late and I am contemplating walking away from writing, I have been battling with this thought of calling it quits. When I do, I feel immediate sadness, but… Read More


Because you changed your mind, all the happiness was stolen, shame your sword still lies deep where it hurts, taken its toll in years, ask me to my face…you bastard, remember this in times of your alone, death will… Read More

My Wounds

How do I awake from a nightmare, that cares not that I am asleep? My eyes need not even blink, for every second, the same dread. Taking my licks like a dog that’s beaten, stubborn, still thinking reward will… Read More