Earth to Ash

Month: February 2017

Another Chance

I’m lonely now, Because time pushes me further away. I would go back if you’d meet me there; By your side one last time. Hold on, hold. Advertisements

Familiar Breeze

As the breeze blows I feel; I think of you. A warm breeze, it’s familiar; The wind is something I remember. Loved one, gone. Impossible to lose the memories of their touch, it’s familiar. Their embrace is something I remember.

I’m Still Here

I look like you, I act like you; although I don’t see you. I remember us if I think real hard; Won’t you? I miss us, the way we were; Don’t you? But I’m still here; You?  

Snow Place Like Home

Just made it in from digging out from yet another snow day, we are on day two of a marathon of bad weather.  Snow days I like, the shoveling not so much, if you have read any of my recent posts you… Read More

Versatile Blogger Award

There is no bigger compliment than receiving acknowledgment from fellow writers.  The Ink Owl has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award which I am so appreciative of and I hold this nomination in the highest regard-Thanks.  Please head on over and check out… Read More