Weight A Moment

OK, 2018 is well on it’s way, we’re almost through January so I have to ask, how’s the New Year’s resolutions going? I thought about the old annual bid for betterment a few days ago while at the… Read More

One Hundred

Hey folks, Well now, would you look at that, it seems I have made it to another blogging milestone. Got a shiny new badge telling me that Earth to Ash has reached 100 posts, I know it’s probably… Read More

My Rose

“Surrounded by you, my eyes open or closed. Thinking of you, lost petal, my rose. Hoping for you, to change what you’ve chose. Wishing for you, to love me like those.”

Round Field

All I hear is the wind, the rain…slaps at me. My mind has frozen, but whitecaps still capture. To the bone and in drench, I see the window… where you’re waiting.  

New Year’s Heave

Oh hi, remember me? Yeah, I know…it’s been awhile. I had to pretty much force myself to take some time and write, I’ve coined it “force-writing”. I was hoping the Christmas season would bring me more material that… Read More