Journal Entry # 218 – Advice Can Sometimes Come In Waves

Be as the ocean and never stop trying to reach the shore. The harder you struggle, the stronger your waves become. Storm those beaches and change the tide in your favour. – Ash

Now, here’s a minute of waves. Enjoy!!

Losing My Religion

I’m sorry you were alone when the faces drifted away.
When your days got stolen and good nights emptied.
Just a vessel that you God, abandoned.
Someone who gave up her soul before she was given one.
Where were you when she asked to remember?
Why did you punish her when all she did was repeat your name in prayer?
Lord, her story deserved a better ending.
At least, you could have allowed her to say goodbye to her favourite characters.
But, I bet she forgave you too, after paying a toll at the gate.
Not for herself…
…for me.

Journal Entry # 217 – It Came To Me In A Stream

You weren’t scared to be born. We struggle with how we feel about dying. But, before we figure it out, it most likely will be over too. So, all that’s left is to live. Never be afraid to live. Live your life to its absolute fullest and absorb every single moment of it. Because living is something we control. – Ash