Journal Entry # 227 – I Staged this Photo

There is nothing like keeping a deja vu in your back pocket. Easily triggered by the stimulus that surrounds you. Today, a walk to the edge of the harbour and my whole life flashed back. All it took was the smell of saltwater, the touch of a rains mist, and wonderful memories came flooding back as strong as the approaching tide. A picture is wharf a thousand words. – Ash

Journal Entry # 220 – Here’s A Foot Note

I went for a walk the other day along the beach. As I did, I happened to look down and notice my footprints in the sand. I realized something. Every day, I worry so much about the steps I need to take and less about the ones I’ve taken. Life is always about moving forward though we forget about how far we have come already. Each step a footprint in our own lives. Just a reminder to look at your life as a journey, not a race. – Ash

Journal Entry # 218 – Advice Can Sometimes Come In Waves

Be as the ocean and never stop trying to reach the shore. The harder you struggle, the stronger your waves become. Storm those beaches and change the tide in your favour. – Ash

Now, here’s a minute of waves. Enjoy!!