Mortal Less?

Hey everybody, Today there was news that kind of put me off, shook me as soon as read the text from my mother early this morning. Late last night my step-cousin passed away, she had battled diabetes for… Read More

Feel that Draft?

Hey there, It’s Tuesday, I’m sitting here on my lunch hour from work, listening to Mulgrid Miller, feeling all posty. The only thing is, I got nothing, nada, zilch, I’m blocked, just staring at a blinking cursor and… Read More

For the Love of Gay

Hey there, I ate lunch today in the adjacent hotel lobby next to my work as I do every now and then. Sometimes I use my lunch hour to write because it’s out of the way, hotel quiet,… Read More

Why Me?

Hey there everyone, Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong? Well, for me that was yesterday and a Monday at that, it was a really bad day for me, where I… Read More

Am I still?

Am I still… a string of your heart? Or does it lie frayed, too torn apart. Seasoned now, but still we’re broken, enough has always been, left unspoken. See my light, I’ve been casting in hope, I swear… Read More

Keep Content

Hey errbody, Just a shout out to my readers, haven’t done one yet and it’s about time I did. I want to say that without you, I wouldn’t be able to pursue a dream of mine, and that’s… Read More

We were the Warriors

Indolent Saturdays poking things with sticks. We ran the back hills of our home. Three soldier foray, we flanked…pretending. Skinned knees and eye pokes, no bother, as we’d rather dare and tell more lies.