Poems – My Works of Heart

There are times my heart speaks for me, this is the place I keep its voice. – Ash

Young Summer

took a walk-in summer grass picked a blade, made a sound the air was country wild strawberries sweet like lazy cats we lay for hours In the filthy hot, in the no time afternoons sometimes on the highway… Continue reading Young Summer

Lonely Poet

my lines are barren of wordsno one pays attention anymore I walk away to try and healchange those emotional bandagesstop the bloody hurtwhen my lyrics are finally gone so will I like… Continue reading Lonely Poet


Like a flower starvingI long for your lighta drop of youreplenish meor…leave me to wilt

Far From Home

I walk this earth an alienno place here for a castawaysurrounded all the timestill alone My blood, it’s not like yoursit repelsit taintsit makes things you love disappear


Dead of winteras the winds howlI’m still out there searching for youfootprints quickly coverforgetting how far I’ve comemy hands, no longer feelmy breath, stolenmy eyes, blinded by this stormmy heart,… Continue reading Unbroken

Pool Boys

A cold beer ran down my lips, to my chinin a moment I knew would last a lifetimethere was a pool table…balls rackedready for a breaksome girl singing on the… Continue reading Pool Boys

Days Gone

Take me to a Springwhere every day was as young as Iand the sun would come winking through the curtains


I’m looking around,at him, at her, at themmad, confused…mostly scaredof something that may not even be thereand all I can think about is you

From Dark

I walked in the shadowsbefore I knew any lightashamed, guilty, and full of regretmy only out was running toward the darkwhere I belongedthere, to slither between mistake after mistakeand masquerade… Continue reading From Dark


Between fact and failureI lay face down in muddied waterNeck broken, heart stillMy sweat unrecognized, salts cold bloodFor I am left behindjust like othersfind me beneath the gallows…at first sign… Continue reading Betrayal


This time it didn’t matter if I held youI guess my heart grew stronger from all the breaksLike a junky with a kicked addictionmy track marks no longer have aches… Continue reading Recovery

Bar Keep

When I turned that key, the night was finally overIt wasn’t easy, they threw a few fistsMad that the ale had dried up Now, in the calm of being left… Continue reading Bar Keep

French Island

surrounded in the francaisschoolboys like I, chase through stone corridors in jestpass tank topped bread makers andrum runners filling dark sackswho was I to speak to the going-ons of this… Continue reading French Island

Send Me an Angel

I haven’t looked up in a while I did…last night you were there as promised with a smile that saved my day

you there?

Two lonely words… I’ve said them a few. They always stare back, when they’re meant for you.

Wilting Love

I held the prettiest flower this morning. It reminded me of you. Sadly, it too had been plucked from its roots.

Harboured Feelings

I had you for a while, then…I lost you to the sea. Alone in these narrows, until the day you return to me.  

Heart Attack

You broke my heart once more. But, it’s OK. At least it felt something.


You were already dead to me. But, I couldn’t stop my heart, when yours did.

Past Eight

Whistles silent, brews stress pinched to the nape. TV flickers black and white but can’t turn it off. Frozen mittens dry from the blessed heat, brings sweat with no one… Continue reading Past Eight

Forgotten Notes

Let me sing to you, my daughter, so I may make the strings of your heart, play music that’s in between.

Drown Me

I can no longer hold my breath. I rather drown, then wade in false hope. You’ve given me every emotion I’m capable of, I’ve fallen hard, so many times. How… Continue reading Drown Me

The Hook

Wonderwall plays the lazy afternoon. Rack em’ before the crowd shows. I can smell the night before from the Ashtrays. Stained carpets, humming I got used to. Friend by hello,… Continue reading The Hook

Like a Dream!

Your heart is like a dream. Once I awaken, everything disappears.

Fall Guy

Just because, I take a breath, leaf-peeping through autumn hues. Chilled zephyrs race tears down a single cheek, that dewy brisk, restorative. I wander along the many tints and tones,… Continue reading Fall Guy

Foggy Love

‘Blind must be the heart, when there is so much colour… all that’s seen is grey.’

Just One

Raindrops lost in a puddle, I have already lost track. A ray of light… just one.

My Rose

“Surrounded by you, my eyes open or closed. Thinking of you, lost petal, my rose. Hoping for you, to change what you’ve chose. Wishing for you, to love me like… Continue reading My Rose

Round Field

All I hear is the wind, the rain…slaps at me. My mind has frozen, but whitecaps still capture. To the bone and in drench, I see the window… where you’re… Continue reading Round Field


Because you changed your mind, all the happiness was stolen, shame your sword still lies deep where it hurts, taken its toll in years, ask me to my face…you bastard, remember… Continue reading Bastard

My Wounds

How do I awake from a nightmare, that cares not that I am asleep? My eyes need not even blink, for every second, the same dread. Taking my licks like… Continue reading My Wounds


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