Poems – My Works of Heart

There are times my heart speaks for me, this is the place I keep its voice. - Ash


Like a flower starvingI long for your lighta drop of youreplenish meor…leave me to wilt

Days Gone

Take me to a Springwhere every day was as young as Iand the sun would come winking through the curtains


I’m looking around,at him, at her, at themmad, confused…mostly scaredof something that may not even be thereand all I can think about is you

Send Me an Angel

I haven’t looked up in a while I did…last night you were there as promised with a smile that saved my day

you there?

Two lonely words… I’ve said them a few. They always stare back, when they’re meant for you.

Wilting Love

I held the prettiest flower this morning. It reminded me of you. Sadly, it too had been plucked from its roots.

Harboured Feelings

I had you for a while, then…I lost you to the sea. Alone in these narrows, until the day you return to me.  

Heart Attack

You broke my heart once more. But, it’s OK. At least it felt something.


You were already dead to me. But, I couldn’t stop my heart, when yours did.

Forgotten Notes

Let me sing to you, my daughter, so I may make the strings of your heart, play music that’s in between.


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