A Heart to Live, Not to Love

Sometimes, I think my heart breaks without telling meLike it’s trying to feel something it once did beforeThough, if I allow myself to give in to its longingI’ll go and break it even more

The Black Journal – (Break Room, Over Lunch)

Friday, 5:40 p.m. (Ethan and Sarah come up short with their first visit to The Keep. They decide to spend most of the afternoon going over the witness statements from the bar and various other items of interest scattered in… Read More

The Black Journal – (Pulled up in front of The Keep)

(Shortly after the briefing, Ethan and Sarah find themselves downtown at the bar, The Keep, the victims last known whereabouts and the potential for video evidence. As they slowly exit their vehicle, a homeless man suddenly appears from… Read More

The Black Journal – Chief’s Office, Over Coffee, Pre-Briefing

Friday, 8:05 A.M. Good morning, Det. Frost…coffee? Morning chief, sure, thanks. Frost, I didn’t sleep very well last night. Do you know why that is? Why is that chief? Go ahead and enlighten me. It’s because of our… Read More


This time it didn’t matter if I held youI guess my heart grew stronger from all the breaksLike a junky with a kicked addictionmy track marks no longer have aches I fought through the pain of withdrawalalone and… Read More

Bar Keep

When I turned that key, the night was finally overIt wasn’t easy, they threw a few fistsMad that the ale had dried up Now, in the calm of being left aloneI would start with the ashesdumping out another… Read More

The Black Journal (The Boardwalk, Morning Run, Stretching By The Car)

Friday, 7:14 A.M Sarah! Hey, Sarah…wait up! Jessie, Jess!How? I thought you were still in Texas? I am. Well, I’m still there that is. I’m only back for a few days, one of Charlie’s college friends is getting… Read More

Like I Wasn’t Even There

Sure, the memoriesBut, the smell, the taste, the touch,All still left to make believeI miss…The very startOpening characters, scene oneGreener grass, the bluest skies, salty oceanThat street light at night where I would measure my shadow to the… Read More

Rose From The Ash

I remember first being coldalone, outside and inmy eyes sore, drainedpinched red

Journal Entry # 155 – See, He Gets Me!

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today. – Stacia Tauscher