The Black Journal – Chief’s Office, Over Coffee, Pre-Briefing

Friday, 8:05 A.M.

Good morning, Det. Frost…coffee?

Morning chief, sure, thanks.

Frost, I didn’t sleep very well last night. Do you know why that is?

Why is that chief? Go ahead and enlighten me.

It’s because of our latest homicide case. It’s gone and made my damn ulcer act up again. It bloody well kept me up most of the night. Frost, this guy’s sending a clear message here, but who the hell is it for?

No idea, and girl, chief.
The killer could very well have been a woman.

We haven’t determined any of that yet.

You’re right, you’re right, it could be.
Anyway, Spencer’s on his way up as we speak with his report.
Maybe he’ll clear some of that us for us. I’m also anxious to see what else he was able to recover from the crime scene.

Speaking of women.
It’s bad enough that I am already in the dog house with one of your daughters, why would you go ahead and partner me with your other one who is not happy with me now either.
What’s next? Turning Brenda against me so you can complete the whole Wilson women set?

Oh, what’s the matter, Det. Frost? What’s the matter, son?
Are you trying to tell me you don’t want to be a part of the family anymore?
Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m your chief and father-in-law all rolled up into one and it’s finally getting to you?
Awe, come here. Let’s hug it out.

Stop! Quit it…you know what I mean? Look, we’ve been through this a million times. We agreed that when Sarah’s training was all over, we would go our separate ways and like you put it, let her cut her teeth on her own. And, now for some reason, you’ve decided to give me even more responsible for keeping her safe? Safe from this crazy sicko your stomach is so upset about?

Keep me safe?
Is that so?
Wow, I wasn’t aware that I still needed someone to look both ways for me before I could cross the street.

Sarah? Oh, good morning. Hey!

Ah, my beautiful baby girl. How are you this morning, my love?

Save it, the both of you. It’s way too early and Ethan, didn’t we talked about this last night?

Sorry, Sarah. Your father got under my skin again. I didn’t meant it like that.
I just…

Save it, it doesn’t matter.
I’m here for the briefing, can we just get on with it?

Me too, Sarah. I’m sorry.
Your dad’s being insensitive. I should be asking how you’re doing? Feeling any better, sweetie?

I’m fine. Please stop with all the questions. The briefing?

Alright, alright, I’ll stop.
Let’s go.
Spencer should be there by now too.

(Room full of police personnel, chief moves to the front by the whiteboards, papers are rustling, dull chatter slowly dissipating)

Good morning, everyone.
Take a seat, settle down. Let’s get started.

Spencer, what do you have for us?

Thank you, sir.
Well, the victim, 33-year-old Kevin Burt, was born and bred here in good old Jamestown. He teaches down at Peterson Elementary. Only, this week he tendered his resignation on account he’s leaving his current position for a more lucrative placement in the city. The last anyone had seen of him was the night of his going-away party. This party took place about eight blocks away from the scene of the crime at a bar called “The Keep”. Several witnesses have placed him there, but most of them lost track of Mr. Burt as the night went on. The general consensus was that he was basically just having the time of his life and nobody really saw anything out of the norm.

OK, so, let’s think out loud here.
Do we know why he’s leaving his current position? Maybe he had enemies at the school that he might have been trying to run away from? Let’s go ahead and check the schools database for potential complaints filed by students and/or parents. The school could be trying to bury something by sending him away?

Ahead of you there, sir. I looked into Mr. Burt’s tenure at the school and went back years before. The guys crystal clean, and according to the principle, Kevin was one of the nicest, most well-liked teachers in the school and his resignation came as a complete shock to everyone.

What about his finances? Maybe he owes someone money? Any bad habits tucked away in his closet?

Negative on that too. Mr. Burt leaving his current job for the new one for more money is no cover up or move of desperation. One quick peek at his bank statements will reveal what we’ve all known for years and that’s how teachers really don’t get paid enough. I’m sorry, but our vic is a regular guy with a regular job.

Det. Wilson? I understand you knew the victim? Considering your relationship, is there anything that comes to mind that we may have missed or might be of some relevance?

Nope…nothing, chief.
So far, what Spencer’s saying is completely accurate.

Kevin was just an very ordinary guy.

Spencer, what about physical evidence? Please tell me we were able to secure something from the scene?

Well, we dusted for prints and meticulously went over every inch of that room. Unfortunately, we came up with nothing. The place was immaculate, sir. The only thing that we do know, and that’s from the security guard we questioned at the scene. Was that the area where the room was standing is an area of the property that only gets checked every few days. So, our killer would of had plenty of time to carry out his plot.  

About our killer? Any clue as to the identity. Do we at least know if they’re male or female? Have we secured any surveillance from the bar?

It’s too hard to determine based on the room and the murder itself. Right now, anyone could have been capable of murdering Mr. Burt. As for your second question. Sir, we have yet to confirm if the bar even uses surveillance. I tried calling, but only got voicemail.

Really? Well, in that case. Frost! Wilson! I want you both down there right away. We need our hands on that surveillance ASAP! Question every living soul you come across. Employees, barflies, homeless people. I don’t care, we have to get out there and start turning shit over if we’re going to stay ahead of this sorry excuse for a person. Somebody had to have seen something. We have one victim on our hands and I’d really would like to keep it that way.

OK, that’s it, everyone. If there is nothing else, go away.
Get out of my face and find me this killer.
Oh, and watch each other’s back.
Ouch! My stomach.

Yes, sir?

Oh, you’re behind me. Don’t do that.

Sorry, sir.

Listen, I need you to go back over everything you’ve touched so far. Let’s make sure nothing was missed.
And, get on the horn and follow up with Breton Industrial. We need an eta on their surveillance videos as well.
Shouldn’t we have had that by now?
Oh, and one last thing, get me something for my stomach!

Sure thing, chief.

As soon as you get anything, Det. Frost and Det. Wilson. And, I mean anything…you let me know right away. 

Yeah, yeah, we know, we know.
Det. Wilson, you ready to roll? 

I’m not sure, am I?
Sure you don’t need me to swing by my desk and grab a booster seat?

Ha, very funny, Sarah.
I said I was sorry…

14 thoughts on “The Black Journal – Chief’s Office, Over Coffee, Pre-Briefing

      1. Yes, I am enjoying this story quite a bit. It makes me curious for what’s next every time, which is good.
        I think I should re-read all the previous parts, because I find myself remembering some pieces (getting thrown into the van?) and not being sure how they connect. The longer the break between the parts, the harder it is to remember what happened last time. Maybe do a: “Last time on “The Black Journal” and write one sentence summing up what happened?
        Since I’ve never done a story with so many parts, I’m not sure what the best way to approach this would be.
        Or maybe have a cheat sheet with a list of characters?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s a great idea. And, you’re right, I find myself panicked when I have a huge gap in time between entries for people to stay focused. Might have to ramp up my posts. Love the idea of last time on. Love all this feedback actually. Keep it coming. Glad you liked this one.

        Liked by 1 person

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