The Black Journal – (Pulled up in front of The Keep)

(Shortly after the briefing, Ethan and Sarah find themselves downtown at the bar, The Keep, the victims last known whereabouts and the potential for video evidence. As they slowly exit their vehicle, a homeless man suddenly appears from the alley motioning toward the door.) 

Friday, 9:46 A.M.

It’s closed! 

Excuse me? 

The bar, it’s closed. Not open yet, doesn’t til six. It’s written right there on that sign. 

Right, thanks for pointing that out. 
Listen, I’m Det. Frost and this is Det. Wilson.  
Jamestown Police Department. 
Tell me…ah, is that yours? Around the corner over there? Do you live in those boxes by the dumpster? 

Yessiree, and I like to thank you for pointing that out. 
Twenty-four-seven, three sixty five my new police friends.
I ain’t from nowhere and I ain’t been nowhere.

It’s not much, but it’s all mine. 

A simple yes would have sufficed.

What’s Stan gone and done now? He’s the owner of this place in case you didn’t know that already. He’s a little person too, you know? Those tiny hands of his always freak me out. Come on, let me in on what happened? What did the little shit do to bring you nice folks down for a visit? Especially you, beautiful?

Sir, that’s a private police matter between us and Stan. Can you tell us what Stan’s last name might be? 

Stan Chubs. Though, everyone calls him “Stubs” on account…well… 

Enough, can it with the short jokes, will ya?

Sorry, sorry! Force of habit. I just hate the guy that’s all. Anyway, you won’t find him here anytime soon. He’s never here more than few seconds before those doors are suppose to open, I guess you’ll have to come back.

It seems that way. Then, maybe you can help us out with something else? Since you literally live right next to the place, I bet you see everybody who comes and goes around here? Any strange characters stick out in your mind? Say last weekend? In particular, Sunday night into early Monday morning? 

Mister policeman, my new friend, go ahead and take a look around. In this part of town, almost every other person wandering down these darkened streets at night can be considered a tinge strange in my opinion. The Keep didn’t get its name from just being some dive bar that simply needs tending and happens to stay open until the wee hours of the morning, you know? 

What do you mean?

The Keep’s a place full of secrets, secrets kept for certain company, the company of men…catch my drift? 

Secrets? What? Company men? Is this another joke?

Det. Frost, it’s a gay bar for Christ sakes. 

The pretty lady cop’s right. 
Thing is, this place does have its regulars, yes. And, I can pretty much damn name every last one of them. But, you see, the nature of what goes on in there for some. Well, that sometimes warrants discretion and because of that, you’re wasting your time. No one’s going to say shit to any cops. Plus, if Stan finds out someone spoke to the police, he’ll threaten to cut off the drugs that he feeds these alleyways which will definitely be enough to keep everyone’s mouth shut. He’s done it before.

What about you? You’re talking to us. 

Yes, right again my beautiful lady cop friend. Very true. Only, I’ve been pretending to be senile for years to keep Stan off my back. The crazier I am, the easier it is for me to stay in those boxes you kindly pointed out earlier. He’s tried a million times to get rid of me. Coming around here with those petite limbs of his ordering me to get out of the alleyway like he owns it all. So, I pretend to foam at the mouth and until he gives up and leaves me alone. 

Interesting. Alright, one last thing before we go. Those camera’s up there? Do you know if they work? 

Those things? Ha, they’re all for show mister policeman. 
If there’s one thing that’s for sure, Stan Chubs is as cheap as he is short and that’s extremely. 

Really, still with the jokes? 

Hey, look, I told you I hated the guy, what do you expect?  

OK, that’s enough for now. Thanks for your cooperation. We’re taking off, but we may be back. So, if anything comes to mind or you see anything you think we should know about, please make sure you find some way to let us know.

Will do. See ya friend and a special good bye to you, beautiful!

(Sarah and Ethan begin to drive back to the station, they stop at the first stop light) 

Well, Sarah, that was a dead end.
Think this Chubs guy knows anything?

Not really sure. Though, like our homeless friend said, if there are any secrets, they’ll most likely stay locked away in The Keep.

Speaking of, I had no idea that place was a gay bar.
How the hell did you? 
Is that what the dig to my ribs was all about?
Sarah, how was I supposed to know? 

Uncle Ethan, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt because like you said, “I was trained by the best”. So, this should come very easy to you once you’ve had a clear second to think about it. Up to this very moment, with all things considered concerning yours truly and this odd connection to the case. How would I know The Keep was a gay bar?

Well, I don’t know, 
Oh my God, Sarah…Kevin? 

8 thoughts on “The Black Journal – (Pulled up in front of The Keep)

  1. 1. I enjoyed the intro. It reminded us of what happened last time and what they were doing here. And who “they” were.

    2. This was a humorous chapter, which kept me wanting to chuckle. It was refreshing.

    3. The ending makes us excited for the next part. There are more questions than answers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome, that makes me happy. I feel like it’s all coming together with the way I have it in my head. You know how I value this opinion, thanks so much for being my soundboard. This motivates me to keep going. Stay tuned!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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