Earth to Ash


A haloed nimbus, like a surge, it comes on without forecast. Emotions raw, cold, the flashes like lightning. Still I have neither a hand to squeeze, nor an ear to my voice. Nothings protected but my foolish promise to you. Those furtive… Read More

For a Spell

Quotidian stories they share, sitting shoulder to shoulder. Those confabulating chaps with their doddery routine, fidget on a bench of stone. Each muster for a spell, hoary old fellows chinwag anecdotes to their nature, as I eves-dropped for a tale.

The Rain Made Me Do It

I surveil the abstract of rain drops as they slither the outside pane, it’s journey, merely a moment in time. Each tiny drop, they dazzle like fireworks synchronizing with my deluge of thoughts now cached from a once juvenile me. I beam… Read More

For Granted

Blare my name, call me to the table, wake me up early… just one more time…

The Torment

Again, I lie awake, assuaged by the stillness of night, a clock ticking, then tocking, slowly teasing me with dawn. Soon the fringe of daylight will edge toward tomorrow, exposing my scars of yesterday, barely healed. Why is there no end to… Read More

The Inside Chair

The inside chair was always where, I felt the most at home. I’d rush to dinner, always the winner, to sit on my dinning room throne. Argue your matter, try with the flatter, this spot was mine alone. If you sat in… Read More

Not Even a Whisper

It’s still no matter that desire exists, I keep lying to myself. Surely something must distract your sound sleep as it does for me. That¬†unlocked door has remained ajar for so long now, a little light still glimmers against the ingress of… Read More

Father’s Storm

I wish this day away just like the many before it. No matter how high the sun, that cloud will forever rain on me. As I try to move on, the shadows creep alongside teasing a dark void. My unhealed scars, they¬†fester… Read More

Someday Again

Fist held against your chin staring beyond, adrift in recollection. A ponder of well-being was the focus of those faraway eyes. Rock…rock until contentment, unbroken ritual. You miss, you worry, because you loved. The tittle-tattle of your kindred always spawned a glow… Read More

Those Shades Looked Better on You

Your smile that day was the last, when those shades looked better on you. This the chance? Sun high, mid-afternoon, like yesterday, memorial to me. Funny, we talked longer, unlike us, the hint? A stride from you taken, farewell implied, it felt… Read More