Earth to Ash

Father’s Storm

I wish this day away just like the many before it. No matter how high the sun, that cloud will forever rain on me. As I try to move on, the shadows creep alongside teasing a dark void. My unhealed scars, they fester… Read More

Someday Again

Fist held against your chin staring beyond, adrift in recollection. A ponder of well-being was the focus of those faraway eyes. Rock…rock until contentment, unbroken ritual. You miss, you worry, because you loved. The tittle-tattle of your kindred always spawned a glow… Read More

Those Shades Looked Better on You

Your smile that day was the last, when those shades looked better on you. This the chance? Sun high, mid-afternoon, like yesterday, memorial to me. Funny, we talked longer, unlike us, the hint? A stride from you taken, farewell implied, it felt… Read More

The Static

Suddenly the static…then nothing. An alter-ego, unhinged. Your split was misconceived, as most would rather bathe in ignorance, and wade in shallows of the misunderstood.

Dandelions to Babes

Out the door, I pick up the pace. Time to play…no time to waste. Down the yard, tightrope the curb, As I zipped up the road, not a “hello” was heard. Along the path such a pretty site, Dandelions, Dandelions like a sea… Read More


Just when the sun peeks the brightest, an eclipse takes aim right for it. A smile protecting what’s left, I take a knee.

By the Salt

Crusty eyes wake excited, when mornings are usually slumbered. Sun stretching, this early. We leave Theresa with a wave, that smile. You and I now, a trip of bond. The mist chills my face… his dory crashing against the lap. Posture held… Read More

Piece Of Your Heart

A long time ago we promised a connection. But we’ve found ourselves adrift, in the other direction. Alike by the bloodline that flows deep within, difficult to conceive that we were both born as kin. I’ve questioned at times for a true… Read More

The Hillside

A hillside where I played now lies dormant, unused. Laughter no longer carries in the wind where childish breath was once contrast to the pitch night sky. The grass, still worn, but no longer from play for there is a gray hue of… Read More

One Ray of Sun

Just one ray of sun can melt it all away, make it right, make it ok. Embrace like before with meaning and feel, something I forgot was actually once real. The static between can easily be gone, takes simply understanding, not brains nor… Read More