Journal Entry # 171 – We Can Change the Forecast

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Some time ago, I decided that I would start to exchange negative thoughts with those of joy and happiness. I learned almost instantly what there is more of in my life. Don’t let one dark cloud follow you forever. – Ash

10 thoughts on “Journal Entry # 171 – We Can Change the Forecast

      1. I mean, they are always the same, but this one has been that much extra. The weather has been better lately though, bit warm and the days are getting longer. Could be close to Bike Writer season. Oh God, I hope so!!

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  1. I love this idea…… thanks for sharing it! I hope you’re more and more successful – one thought a day…
    We are wired to focus on the negative because those we have to deal with and face the threat of, so we have to train ourselves to focus on the joy…
    Love, light and glitter

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