2020 Vision

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Hey everybody,

Happy New Year!

Someone asked me a few weeks ago if I had any resolutions for 2020. I quickly responded with “Well, considering it will be 2020, I’m going to try to take better care of my eyes.” That response got me the classic “Oh my, Ash” which was followed up by the usual eye roll. It’s pretty standard for my puns and bad jokes. Funny thing is, I do have an appointment situated for the first week of the new year, so that answer did have some merit to it. It was the origin of that joke and by all means, feel free to use it. Though, do so at your own risk!

OK, so I figured I would try my best to start the year off with a quick post right out of the gate. Take advantage of one final lazy day before my life goes back to normal. I assume a lot of you are in the same boat. By the way, how do feel about the holidays coming to an end? Are you dreading it? Or, are you welcoming the chance to get back to your old regular life routine?

Me? I’m still a bit torn. There are aspects of the last two weeks that I would love to still be able to take advantage of. No alarms clocks or set schedule, no commuting in traffic, no deadlines to meet, midday walks, midday naps, I could go on and on. It’s all great and I’ll miss it for sure. However, a change back to my old routine won’t be all bad I suppose. Sure, I was saying only yesterday how my days were starting to blend into each other. I was getting a little fuzzy in the head. When that starts to happen, I guess it’s time for a new focus. Speaking of focus, what are some of your visions for the year 2020?

Over the last couple of nights, I have thought a bunch about what changes, if any, I will implement for the new year. And, yes, I know it’s a bit cliche to make resolutions, but I also think it’s healthy to set goals and change some things in your life for the better. Most of what I plan to accomplish or make a thing this year remains the same as years before. Only, I’m aiming to be more disciplined in trying much harder to achieve some of them.

Yes, with a brand new year before us, there’s no better time to start putting some of those plans in place if you ask me. It’s a perfect opportunity to take stock of the year gone by just to see if there is anything you’ve learned about yourself in the last 365 days to better prepare for the next 365. I have that list started and I’ve even ticked one of those boxes already with my first blog entry of 2020. Kudos for me for getting off to a awesome start.

Before I go to take on the world, I hope I’ve sparked something inside you to do the same. To start your own internal dialogue of the things you plan to change, make better, or start in the new year. Maybe this is the first day of the rest of your life, or maybe it’s a reminder of the already awesome job your currently doing. I just hope I was able to make you focus for a second on you because like I always say, you matter as much as anyone.

In closing, let me also take the occasion of a new year to thank you all for a great 2019. Just like everything else, my blog has come with its own ups and downs and knowing you have been there through it all, makes me a pretty humbled writer. I’m lucky, indeed. So, here’s to another year of Earth to Ash and the possibilities to come. And, here’s to all of you and your dreams for the future. You can do whatever your heart desires and remember that any vision is possible when you set your eye on it.


12 thoughts on “2020 Vision

  1. What I am dreading most about tomorrow is having to get up early. I got up as early a couple of times during the break, but it was because I WANTED to (to write). Now, I will have to get up, be stuck in traffic, and then interact with people who might get on my nerve. It’s a string of bad things, one right after another. But I decided today to begin tomorrow somewhat optimistically. Maybe some people decided to be less annoying this year.

    Kudos to you for starting strong with blogging. I decided to do the opposite – drop my routine and breathe a little. We shall see what’s next.

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      1. Ah, my traffic situation was glorious today. I think many people still have today/ tomorrow off. Then I got to work. Managed 1.5h before reality came crashing down. Can I have another Christmas break?

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      2. Tell me about it. Agreed on the traffic, I’m barely in this today, but rather tear the bandage off now than Monday. You’ll get there, the weekend is just a couple of days. You’re not suffering alone.

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  2. Also, as we were ringing in the New Year, one of the people at the party said that the year was just like his vision… with glasses. I didn’t think about it like that, so to see you make a similar comment makes me wonder.

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