The Red Road

macro photography of pathwayI walked a path less travelled,
on a road covered in red.
Evergreens bowed before me,
to welcome back an old soul.
Draped, lonely…in silence.
A still that became my only friend.
There, my worries were sheltered,
protected by a forgotten trail.
That journey became ritual,
to protect me from blended reality.
I ran as soon as the sun would let me,
far away from the stranger who looked just like me.


10 thoughts on “The Red Road

  1. OK Ash. This piece gave me another opportunity to hone my reading and comprehending skills, plus a few moments to just sit with my eyes closed and reflect on your words. So, my questions to you is…When did you first realize that your blog posts had such power?

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    1. Somebody’s head just got bigger. Thanks so much for that compliment. I have no clue Jen where my words land, but a comment like that means the world to me. I’m so happy that it struck you that way.

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