Can I Ash You A Favour?

This is me having that thought.

Hey all,

I hope everyone’s having a good week, we’ve made it to Hump Day at least. So, I was out running the other day and as you can see from above, it was a pretty nice day. Good thinking weather with the sun shining and downtown buzzing with activity. Along the way, I stopped for a look-around and just before I turned for home, a thought popped up in my head. Something I would love to have your help with. For the last few years, I have been entering my poems into a national poetry contest and I am on the verge of submitting again for 2019. Some of you know that I have my anxieties when it comes to hitting publish on my poetry work, but I’ve learned to post anyway. One of the main reasons for this is because of you fine people, my awesome followers. Your follows, likes, and wonderful comments over the years have given me so much confidence in my writing. In this case, my poetry. You’re a huge part in the evolution of my poem writing and in saying that, it brings me to my special favour.

Below, I’ve narrowed down a list of poems that I feel I want to enter in this competition. All for my own reasons, but I would love to hear yours. My goal is have you take a smidge of time out of your busy lives to give me the good, the bad, and the ugly of what I have chosen. Any and all feedback is welcomed. In the end, it’s all a shot in the dark, but I wanted to allow all of you to become a part of this process given that you’re my audience. You faithfully come back post after post to read my stuff, so it just made sense to take your input and go into something like this with all the ammunition I can get. The hyperlinks in the list to follow will lead to each of the respective poems. Oh, and I’d like it if you responded just to this post. I don’t want to miss a single raised hand. I do have some flexibility with how many I can enter, the official word count allows me to enter one piece or a series of.

So, without further ado, here are the poems:

  1. Send Me An Angel
  2. I’ll Just Be Here
  3. Unmark My Grave
  4. Salty Secret
  5. Safe Place
  6. Last Call From Beyond
  7. Grave Turn
  8. Wilting Love
  9. Haboured Feelings
  10. For That Moment
  11. Maybe Tomorrow
  12. Kin
  13. Tainted Blood
  14. Forgotten Notes
  15. The Red Road
  16. Lonely Heart
  17. No One Cares About Superman
  18. Dark Fantasy
  19. Whispers From You
  20. Come To Me Again
  21. A Mermaid’s Lullaby
  22. I Can Tell It’s Home
  23. Drown Me
  24. Moonlight to Midnight
  25. A Ways From Home
  26. Mask of Deceit
  27. The Hook

By the way, just to let you know, I take zero offence to anyone not wanting to bother with it. Though, if you want to add your two cents and really help me out, I would be forever grateful. Actually, if I get some good responses on this, I will put the names of those people in a bag and draw someone’s name. The name of the person that I draw will receive a small gift from me from where I live, here in good old Newfoundland and Labrador. A little memento for a kind gesture. To recap, all you simply need to do is leave me a comment as the either the title or the number the poem is listed under. If you have a comment, that would be perfect too. It will only help me through my thought process. I can’t thank you enough for your help and if you’ve missed this post before I have said goodbye to my entries, which is 12:00 am this Friday night, it’s all good. As always, I appreciate it folks and once my submission is gone, there’s a bit of a wait. After the deadline, all the poems submitted from across the country are read and critiqued by a panel of authors and professional writers with the results being published in November of this year. It will be a while, but I’ll be sure to toss out the odd update as they are available.

OK, I took too much time already. I will leave you to it. Remember, you’re all awesome no matter what!!!!


7 thoughts on “Can I Ash You A Favour?

  1. Hey old friend…don’t consider myself much of a poetry person but figured I’d give these a read. To my surprise some of these cause a little stir in me…Grave Turn, Withering Love, The Red Road, Lonely Heart, No one cares about Superman, Come to me again…these stood out. I can sense the pain. Hope all is well.

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    1. Well, if this isn’t a pleasant surprise to wake up to. Judging on your handle name, I think I know who this is. Can’t be anyone else and if so, made my my day with this comment. All is good buddy, pain yes but a story behind them. If this is you, we need to chat. Happy to here from you old friend and I certainly hope all is well with you.


  2. Here’s my top 5:
    2. I’ll Just Be Here
    8. Wilting Love
    9. Harbored Feelings
    17. No One Cares About Superman
    7. Grave Turn

    But I also wanted to mention that I really enjoyed these 3:
    1. Send Me An Angel
    11. Maybe Tomorrow
    20. Come To Me Again

    The thing is that I’m not good at guessing competition results. So don’t blame it on me 😉

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