Hey all, I wanted to drop in and let you all know that one of my most recent poems has been published on Spillwords. It’s live as of today. I submitted it a little while ago, they liked… Read More

Days Gone

Take me to a Springwhere every day was as young as Iand the sun would come winking through the curtains


I’m looking around,at him, at her, at themmad, confused…mostly scaredof something that may not even be thereand all I can think about is you

Weakness (Haiku)

Under this street lightpouring down rain in the coldalone, and done wrong

Journal Entry # 174 – Don’t Let Your Heart Run on Empty

When you find something that makes you happy, continue to surround yourself with it. Miss it and want more of it. Allow it to imprint on your heart and keep giving your soul what it longs for. –… Read More

Journal Entry # 173 – Needleless to Say, Don’t Wait, Donate. Help Save A Life!

Whatever you do, give your 100%. Unless you’re donating blood. – Bill Murray

Journal Entry # 172 – You Got This

When you doubt yourself, you contradict the value you already possess. You’ve come this far, you’ve made it halfway. So, why stop? You got this! Remember, you can achieve anything for no other reason than because it’s you… Read More