My Turn

A constant tiredness reminds me of how far I’ve come, this journey wears on me. Every day I dream with no idea of when I get to wake up. Always running towards something I believe doesn’t really exist, tormented with… Read More

Little Lady

Little lady, what’s your hurry? Up the road in such a scurry. Never you mind, I will get there on time, so please, you need not worry. I’m off to church, my faith to search, I could do… Read More

That Day

That day I made my way over to where he stood, a place where our dialogue did not require words. His leg braced his posture while he watched the shoreline lap, his boat sits on a harbor of illusion until… Read More


I don’t know what it’s like, Something’s always missing. The way you used to see me is lost; Not you, that’s me. Close sometimes to normal, Close sometimes to right. But…only close.  

The Silence

I live, I breathe, but only to exist. My inner voice holding my hand, The silence from others is loud. Shouting quiet words to myself. Whispers catch in the static, going forever unheard. Life chases my soul to the… Read More

Ash Wednesday

Yesterday was “me Wednesday”, the sun was shining, March was upon us and I saw a person with what I thought was dirt on their face. Actually, yesterday marked the first day of Lent (pun intended) where many… Read More