About Ash


Thanks a lot for dropping by and checking out my blog. I love to write, always have, one day I felt like it was finally time for me to share my work with the world. Earth to Ash has evolved quite a bit in the years, it started out as an simple idea and now, after three years, it still remains my biggest passion.

So, once again I thank you for popping by, now why not hit that follow button and give me a chance to show you Earth to Ash on a regular basis. If what I write can make you think, help you channel a memory, maybe inspire you, or just stir up an emotion then that for me is mission accomplished.

“I don’t claim to be a good writer, but I’m enjoying the journey of becoming one”

– Ash Douglas


10 Comments on “About Ash

  1. Ash I have really enjoyed your writing and following your blog. I may not be a regular follower and “liker”, but I’m out in the cosmos reading and being inspired. For that reason I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Follow this link (http://wp.me/p7OhSP-1k4) to your award. Thank you!

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    • Thanks my friend, it means alot. I was surprised and flattered when I saw your message today, I am happy to know that you enjoy what I write. Like you, I was doubtful as to where my writing would take me but have since found it to become my passion. Thanks again for the thoughtful comments and I wish you nothing but the best and keep up that great writing.

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  2. I like the way you breathe POWER into your words. I imagine you will continue to find much to write about, as you seem to have a knack for putting your own personal spin on the things you choose to observe & reflect upon.

    As an avid reader of blogs here on WordPress, I give you kudos for taking the time, and giving a bit of your insightful attention to the world of blogging. Isn’t it wonderful being part of an important and ever growing connective?! Highest and Best!

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  3. Ash, I wanted to stop in for a moment to say bye for a while. I have to be away from WP for a few weeks for a work thing. I’m not wanting to do a big announcement on my blog b/c I won’t have time to respond to comments, etc….and not a big fan of big goodbyes. 🙂

    I’m thinking I should be gone for no more than a month or so, give or take. Not sure if you gleaned from my past posts (most of which I’ve deleted anyway, haha!) that I am a commercial litigation paralegal. Our firm manages a dozen or so complex litigation trials a year, but they are ridiculously time consuming and can last up to a couple months. I am in last minute pre-trial prep now until Monday when we start jury selection and then its 18 hour days, etc.

    I’m only boring you with this b/c I wanted to thank you once again for the nominations and let you know I will be delayed for a few weeks in accepting them. I’m so sorry! 🙂 Forgive me. I’m very thankful that you thought of me and I apologize for not getting to them sooner. This is a last minute schedule change for me, one I was not expecting.

    I am available via email while I’m not blogging. My email should be in your dashboard area (stats, insights, comments). Feel free to drop a line anytime. Take real good care and I’ll look for your blog again in a few weeks. ❤︎

    all my best,

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