For the Love of Gay

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Hey there,
I ate lunch today in the adjacent hotel lobby next to my work as I do every now and then. Sometimes I use my lunch hour to write because it’s out of the way, hotel quiet, and a great place to people watch…and not in that creepy way.

I was sitting there, minding my own business when a couple who I think were in town off a cruise ship from the United States. They were sitting a couch down from me, they were chatting about whether or not they were going to partake in an afternoon bus tour, debating because the weather sucked. Perfectly normal conversation until I overheard the lady say something that was like “what the ****”.

What was it? Well, there’s a KD Lang concert this weekend and I guess they had been deciding earlier if they were going to attend because it came up during their back and forth. The husband asked a couple of times if the wife (60ish) wanted to go and she replied with “I don’t know, I like KD Lang, actually, I did like her before she was gay”….This is 2017 correct? I was flabbergasted, couldn’t believe what I had heard. I was like, “really misses, before she was gay”, so what, KD Lang now uses her gay voice to sing, or shoots gay bullets from her eyeballs, like come on. I immediately turned in her direction and made sure she was aware that I had heard what she had said so that for that millisecond she could realize how ridiculous she sounded.
It amazes me how this ignorance still exists, how people don’t realize the hurt this kind of backward-thinking creates. No disrespect to KD Lang but if this lady didn’t know that KD was gay before she actually came out, then she probably thinks dinosaurs still exist or the earth is flat. Lady, please educate yourself my love, open your mind and allow people to be who they truly are, god I feel bad for you.

I don’ t know, I was having another bad day and that put the icing on the cake. Live and let live, treat others as you would like to be treated and love your partner, man, woman and the like. This lady is clearly lacking something in her own life (maybe a pet dinosaur) she feels the need to chastise others for her own misery.

My thought is this, no matter what, there are going to be people out there that will try to keep you down, try to dictate you life, and try to tell you what they think is right. We just can’t let them, we need to stay true to ourselves and remember that understanding, acceptance, and genuine love for one another is something this world should never be “constantly craving”.


13 thoughts on “For the Love of Gay

  1. Isn’t fascinating how an initial impression of a person can change so radically? This lady loved her sound; that is before she knew that the beautifully stylized voice of KD Lang was also that of a gay woman. How pray tell did her voice change?

    I’m proud of KD Lang as she made a decision to be true to herself. She wanted people to know her, the whole her, as opposed to the part she might have chosen to hide first from herself, and second from the world.

    I have to wonder if subconsciously this “dated” woman might have been talking just loud enough so that others could hear. Secretly, she knows that she’s appalling in her views, and in serious need of a look, or in my case, a just as loud clearing of the throat, or this awful spitting sound I make. LOL*

    But hey…why should we lower ourselves to her level??? KD Lang certainly hasn’t!!!

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  2. Thanks for this.

    Sadly, a quick search of the ‘net reveals a rapper, two star athletes and a TV personality who all believe the world is flat. I’d rather listen to the otherworldly harmonies on “Constant Craving.”

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  3. Having to wear the title of US citizen, this is not that abnormal… God it is terrible though. I write about issues of climate change and I am a citizen of the only country with climate change deniers running policy! WTF… So sad. But regardless thanks for the post it is rather releaving to read the rants of others!

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  4. I heard that the KD Lang concert was very good! Some people’s children, haha. I hear crazy comments at work all the time. Tourists.😇Speaking of which, where are you? KD Lang was just playing here, in PEI. It seems like you are somewhere close.

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