Earth To Ash – Caution, Area Under Construction

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Hey everybody,

Need your help with something. I’ve been brainstorming a few new ideas regarding my blog lately. Nothing too dramatic, just a few simple tweaks to make the flow of my page work better. I want to allow new followers a chance to easily access some of my more focused categories. I’m even considering cutting a few and devoting my time to what seems to be the good stuff. And, that’s based on feedback and commented interest.

I have also been picking the brain of a fellow blogger friend and got a chance to absorb some of their ideas and awesome critique of Earth to Ash. It got me thinking. So, if you see some weird stuff going on with my posts or my page in general, it’s just me trying out some new things. If a category leaves and you would miss it off, I would love to know that. And, if you see something that looks kind of did he really mean to do that? Please, by all means fill me in.

To single one category out, and which was one of the more important reasons I made this post, is The Red Journal. It’s definitely a new passion of mine and after some thought, I really want to give it the attention it needs if it’s going to work. I think it’s working. I was especially grateful when said friend pointed out that new readers who see a post from The Red Journal, might not get the experience of the full story to date. They may not have a easy job navigating or want to waste any more time than they have to looking. So, I’m banging that task out first. Oh, by the way, I would love your thoughts on what you think about The Red Journal so far. Got the time, plant a comment below.

Okie doke, I’m off to it. I’ll still be posting at will, as usual, but I have a few things up my sleeve that I want to explore. Wish me luck!!!


17 thoughts on “Earth To Ash – Caution, Area Under Construction

    1. Thanks Drew I really appreciate it thanks for the vote of confidence. yeah, every now and again I take a step back to look see what needs to be changed or if things are going the way I had anticipated. Let’s see what happens shall we

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    1. Yes, It’s a little story I decided to dabble in. I have the whole story in my head and I am slowly letting it out lol. I’m super excited that you like it. I have a whole page dedicated to it and I am planning more things with it. So, this and any of your feedback is 100% welcomed. Good and bad 😉

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      1. My first novel started out as a dream, then a journal entry, then when I ran out of people to tell about it, a short story, that stretched into a novel, that I impulsively ended with the words “To be continued…” Now it’s the first part of a trilogy. 🙂

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  1. Tweak away. ‘The Red Journal’ sounds like a nifty departure from any other part of your current blog that you feel might be getting a bit humdrum. I just checked out a ‘Red’ post. Alrighty then!

    However, I’m personally partial, so when I can, I’m happy to hop over, and read whatever you’ve posted that day. You have skills so use them to wow your current readers, and draw in newbies too.

    There is one rule of thumb I believe we bloggers do well to consider when posting from week to week. Consistency! Readers want to see something on your blog that they can easily recognize. It’s caught their attention once, so much so, that seeing it on a regular basis is what will bring them back again. Just a mention!

    Looking forward👏🏾

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    1. Omg thanks, Jen. Thats so awesome!! I take what you say very seriously as you have been on board almost since day one. Don’t worry all my ventures are a new shade of Ash, but my roots are deep. Appreciate your support immensely. Take care.

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