A Heart to Live, Not to Love

Sometimes, I think my heart breaks without telling me
Like it’s trying to feel something it once did before
Though, if I allow myself to give in to its longing
I’ll go and break it even more

It aches me some days, ripping its way from my chest
reacting on account of fear
That it will never get a chance to love like that again
so it tries to remind me every time with a tear

Take those tears and fill the spaces love forgot,
for now…just keep me alive
I did my very best to repair us,
make it better, make that love survive

But, please…my pleading heart, leave me alone,
stop tugging at the strings of a father estranged
For I am done trying to convince you,
that it’s her heart…that will never change

16 thoughts on “A Heart to Live, Not to Love

  1. Ash, this is the most beautiful thing you have ever written. You tugged at my heart strings. It really broke my heart.
    I was once punished by my own daughter who went a year and a half without speaking to me.

    I wish your heart peace and love. After reading this, I would give you mine if I could.
    Bravo on the poem. Sorry about life.

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    1. Drew, you don’t understand how happy you just made me feel reading that comment. I had a rough day today, and this poem was the result. I appreciate your arm on the shoulder my buddy, I won’t so forget those words of support. I’m happy to call you my friend.

      Liked by 3 people

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