I’ll Just Be Here…

Tell me to turn and walk away
I’ll just try harder than I did today
Tell me to move on and completely forget
I’ll just think about you more every chance I get
Tell me you hate me and you no longer care
I’ll just know you’re still hurting and need more time to repair
Tell me I’ve banished from your broken little heart
I’ll just be here with the pieces until the day, we’re no longer apart

Come To Me Again

If my trial has ended,
why do your stones still lay at my feet?
My deepest wounds will never heal until their forgotten.
No, always they fester, they ache,
like my broken heart which is bled to near death,
over and over, as I lay in this cold dark place alone.
I had to run from the pitchforks and torches.
Chased away, like a monster…
who once held the hand of a princess.
I still look for her in the moon,
wish for her in my dreams.
Come to me again my love in pardon,
or come to finish me off instead.