A Shade of Ash # 21 – Heart to Heart

Photo by Hernan Pauccara on Pexels.com

I mentioned my daughter today as I always do in conversation. Oddly enough, to someone the same age as her. The response, “If she is anything like you, Ash, I’m sure she is just as awesome.” My heart sank. Why does the rest of the world see what she cannot? Why do I try to convince myself that what they say is not true because it is not told to me by her? Why do I feel broken and all she did was just sweep away the pieces? Questions I ask all the time because I hurt all the time. Something must be wrong with me. 
But then someone comes along and suddenly, my reflection in the mirror changes. The questions disappear as I find another piece of me that was thrown away. Returned by a friendly face reminding me how my big my heart actually is.

3 thoughts on “A Shade of Ash # 21 – Heart to Heart

  1. I don’t know if she is ‘just as awesome,’ because you are not there to impart yourself on her… I sometimes wonder if she looks at your page and the comments and how she feels about all that…

    But yes, I cannot imagine you being anything less than awesome. I’m pretty self-confident, but every now and again, I have my doubts. It’s such a welcomed surprise when someone says something nice about you. We all need it at times.

    Remember that if we do not see our own worth, we do not act worthy, and others then perceive us as unworthy. Don’t give them that opportunity.

    So, keep on rocking and… stay golden!

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    1. Awe, tears now. Thanks for this. You sure know how to be a friend that’s for sure. I doubt she even cares about what I write. Can’t be bothered I bet. I have grown to realize that she may just not be a good person. Her mom is the same way, hence our split many years ago. I’m confident and can get along with virtually anyone, but sometimes people take advantage of that and hurt you. I really appreciate your pep talk and you mean a lot to me, my friend. You’ve been in the trenches with me and ill never forget that.

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