Grave Turn

black and white cemetery christ church

I’ll stand that day,
at the foot of your grave.
Just past the last of those who cared.
My presence will be for a moment,
give a second for each stolen year.
A prayer, I will bring only one.
Cold eulogy from a son.
Not because I have lost you.
No…because I have forgotten you.

Lonely Heart

alone buildings city cityscape

It barely even beats.
Doesn’t matter though, now.

Given this heart…
only to stare at strangers,
thinking that for a life’s blink,
that stranger could have been you.

I tired of being wrong.


Ashback # 2 – That Afternoon…

We played and played. Dad, at your service, what game shall we play next? You couldn’t get enough of me and I couldn’t take my eyes off of you…that afternoon, together.