Two Legs and a Heartbeat.

Hello my loyal readers, So after a 17k bike ride last Saturday, I was bound again on Sunday…only this time it was for a 12k walk. The sky had a hue of overcast but it was warm, perfect… Read More

Bike Rider Rides Again

Bike rider rides again, the air was fresh, I had a few hours before sunset and I was completely under-dressed, brrr it was cold at first. No excuses, I’ve neglected my bike for far too long lately, I… Read More


Ululating beasts disturb the rem of my fantasy. I lie cowering from the tap, tap, tapping. Scads of hurt chase sweet dreams into nightmares …just this time don’t awaken me.  


A haloed nimbus, like a surge, it comes on without forecast. Emotions raw, cold, the flashes like lightning. Still I have neither a hand to squeeze, nor an ear to my voice. Nothings protected but my foolish promise… Read More

“They See Me Writing, They Hatin”

Hello all, Awhile ago, I ran into a friend of mine, a close friend actually. I’m not sure where we were but we did the typical stop-n’-talk and it was great catching up. Well, it was ahhh, great… Read More

I Will Remember You

Hey all, Just wanted to post something a little close to the chest today, it’s another birthday of my Grandfather whose passed on and a few years ago I put together this little video in his memory.  I… Read More