Earth to Ash

Month: August 2017


A haloed nimbus, like a surge, it comes on without forecast. Emotions raw, cold, the flashes like lightning. Still I have neither a hand to squeeze, nor an ear to my voice. Nothings protected but my foolish promise to you. Those furtive… Read More

“They See Me Writing, They Hatin”

Hello all, Awhile ago, I ran into a friend of mine, a close friend actually. I’m not sure where we were but we did the typical stop-n’-talk and it was great catching up. Well, it was ahhh, great until I mentioned I… Read More

I Will Remember You

Hey all, Just wanted to post something a little close to the chest today, it’s another birthday of my Grandfather whose passed on and a few years ago I put together this little video in his memory.  I did so for my… Read More