In the Stars

This is not who I want to be anymore, someone with his eyes fixed to the ground, distracted, wondering, wanting…wishing. A glimpse of hope for this cancerous heart, lied buried within the pitch night above. I just had… Read More

As You Wish

I will concede to your wishes, we’ll leave the rest to chance. There’s nothing left to take hold, time to sever the branch. Poisoned are the seeds, laced within the roots, spoil without the sun, bare of any… Read More

You and I

What have I done but love you? I’m not an enemy to your soul. Covetous hearts created this divide, while coddling indifference. They scattered us, you and I, like pieces, their insouciance causing abstract of what this could be…. Read More

You Follow Me?

Boom! 200-Thanks for the follows!!! Yup, I got this shiny little achievement just over a week ago, so I’m dedicating this post to you, all my faithful readers, every last one.  You know, each time I hit the… Read More

I Can See You Again

I could not hold my breath any longer, your back to me that day. I expected so many things until, until that moment when you turned, to shed a tear so real …it still hurts.


I’ve done what I have promised against. The cross I bear weighs heavy with fault. I’m sentenced to wander, hopeless and trapped in self-pity, with only regret to keep me company.

Ash Me Where it Hurts

Hey all, Back in January I wrote about having a real bad neck, it was bad enough that I had to seek out the services of a massage therapist to help me deal with it. At first, I… Read More


By the rickety rim, farewell till the morrow. Moonlit, as stones were kicked. Our colloquies went on. Foolish I, you… the antics, ne’er be by flesh more longer, but by souls, still sit nightly.