Ash Me Where it Hurts

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Hey all,

Back in January I wrote about having a real bad neck, it was bad enough that I had to seek out the services of a massage therapist to help me deal with it. At first, I was skeptical and didn’t think massage would work though I was willing to try anything at that point. After seeing the treatment through, I now realize that it played a huge part in my recovery and that outside of the box thinking had me on the mend in no time.


Fast forwarding, even though I recovered 100% from my first bout with neck issues, I’m now experiencing the same “ish” pain but it’s on the opposite side. I feel lately like somebody must have thrown some sort of switch since I turned forty? Damn you father time, damn youuuuuu.


Seriously though, this neck thing is starting to become an all too familiar pain in the Ash. I thought the whole workout every day, bike every other day, walk to most places, eat the right foods, etc. etc. etc. was supposed to be good for me? Am I missing something? Oh, and before you go off, I do have a rest day as well.

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It’ funny, my grandmother would always complain when I was a kid, she’d make some under-the-breath comment about something that was bothering her, pain here, pain there, pain everywhere. Usually, I would just say to her “Nan, I think you have a bad everything, you’ll be alright” She’d smile and shake her head, “I know, I know, don’t mind me”. Now, all these years later, I know where she was coming from. I woke this morning and as I sat at the edge of the bed shaking my head wondering why all of the sudden, I too, now have a bad everything, hehehe, miss you Nan.

So you can go ahead and file this under “Ash’s Rant of the Day”, I apologize in advance for my crabby mood, it’s the pain, I promise…lol. Oh, and of course it’s best to keep physical activity a part of your life, I was only being contrary with my annoying neck drama.


Finally, if you can take anything away from my rant, then let it be this. Listen to your body, and if there is something that you are experiencing that doesn’t seem like its right, pull it back a bit, don’t wait, get it looked after. Leaving things until they get worst is not the way to deal with it, trust me. I have known people who are so full of pride that they just live with it long enough that once it becomes a huge problem it’s too late. We all get hurt, no matter the age, at any given moment our health can turn on a dime. We are all merely flesh and bone and no matter how indestructible we think we are, at the end of the day we’re just human beings with warranties that can void at any time.

Now what did I do with that Magic Bag?



12 thoughts on “Ash Me Where it Hurts

  1. You are clearly a solution oriented person that has discovered something very profound. Life sucks without your health!

    Question: Did you do an upgrade to your blog? If so…looks all bright and shiny. Bravo!!!

    Comment/Suggestion: Years ago, I discovered I am an animated sleeper, and my neck was taking the brunt of my nightly movements. So I decided to solute the problem by using a neck wrap pillow. Bingo bongo instant relief!!! You may want to try too.

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