Another Pain In The Ash

Hey everybody, I thought I would shoot out a quick post as it’s been a few days since you last heard from me. The reason for that is because of another bout of neck pain that decided to… Read More

My Misery

Why can’t I smile and mean it anymore? Is it because of my friend, dear Misery? But, I’ve known her now, more than anyone of flesh. She whispers constantly in my ear. Of a promise…that if I go… Read More

Weight A Moment

OK, 2018 is well on it’s way, we’re almost through January so I have to ask, how’s the New Year’s resolutions going? I thought about the old annual bid for betterment a few days ago while at the… Read More

Ash Me Where it Hurts

Hey all, Back in January I wrote about having a real bad neck, it was bad enough that I had to seek out the services of a massage therapist to help me deal with it. At first, I… Read More

Pain in the Ash

I’ve been nursing a real bad neck as of late, I have no idea what might have caused it, all I know is that it’s been nagging me for awhile now. It could be the gym, quite possibly… Read More