Another Pain In The Ash

Hey everybody,

I thought I would shoot out a quick post as it’s been a few days since you last heard from me. The reason for that is because of another bout of neck pain that decided to pay me a visit last week. I’ve come to realize that although I have dealt with a lot of stress in my life, I don’t always come away from it unscathed. Being a little more stressed these past few weeks as found me once again battling with another pain in the Ash that thankfully, as since passed. To help with the pain, I took some time away from the computer or any screen really so as to not make it any worse. I just decided to go full-on rehab and concentrated on the gym, did some daily stretching, threw in some yoga and it seemed to work. The pain slowly went away just as it did a couple of years ago, only this time it was much quicker as I used a lot of what I learned the first time around. But, I’m back, feeling good, and ready to crank out some entries that I have been hoarding. I have another Red Journal set to come out which I hope you’re still enjoying, I also have a few award replies that I most certainly have to get posted, and I do have some other ideas that are still sitting dormant in my draft folder. I’m hoping to get a few of those I’ve just mentioned out this weekend, so bare with me folks. As always, I appreciate the patience.

There’s another very important reason for this entry as well, which is to throw out some gratitude. My last poem which is about my relationship with my daughter has become one of my most viewed and has garnered more likes than I’m typically used to. I even got a spike in followers which is always a good thing. All of this awesome by the way from where I’m sitting. I really want to mention how touched I was and still am actually by the beautiful comments that some of you left for me on that particular post. It meant a lot to me and even though the words that I had written did hurt coming out, once I read those lovely notes of support, it picked me up and made a good portion of that hurt go away. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

It’s true, I’m indeed still struggling with the loss of my daughter in my life. Though, I do deal with it much better now than I ever did. Maybe it’s another reason for the stress and the pain in my neck. Who knows? The fact that we’ve not seen each other for almost four years now seems to compound with each passing day and I guess that weight gets too heavy to carry sometimes and my body just reacts. I’ve coined it as my emotional purgatory. I’ve written many poems about her on this very blog and I can tell you with all honesty, what you read is legit what comes out of me that very moment I post them. It’s like a huge release for me, it helps me process and as become my form of therapy. It’s rough and I still have a tiny bit of hope, but for now, it’s one day at a time.

Anyway, enough of me sucking the life out of everything with this morbid tone. This post is was intended to be positive and to simply express my sincere thanks for you all having my back. So, chin up, smile and here’s to another day.

Please stay tuned and keep your eye out for some more Earth to Ash in the coming days. I wish you all nothing but the best and as always…Happy Writing!!!


11 thoughts on “Another Pain In The Ash

  1. Be well my friend. I suffer from neck pain from a bad tumble down a flight of stairs.
    When I spend too much time on the computer or whenever I am stressed, my pain intensifies.
    So, I feel you.
    Get well. Your health and peace of mind comes first.
    We will be here when you return.
    Take care of you.

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    1. Thanks, my friend. Saw your other comment, figured I’d chime into this one. All good here. Like the post says, out of the game for a bit. Full steam ahead now though!! I appreciate the door ring! Stress kills so you have to acknowledge it and treat it like everything else.

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      1. I think I’ve become too efficient in dealing with stress. I kick it to the curb and move on. But it dwells somewhere inside, wrecking havoc. I might need to physically slow down and rest instead of going, going, going.

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