The Red Journal (Near the Boardwalk, Morning Run, Through Binoculars)

Friday, 7:10 A.M. Seriously!Four days?It really took them…never mind.They’re idiots. Remember, they’re all incompetent fools.One brutal headache after the other, I waited.All that time waiting around to see my glorious work, displayed for the fine people of Jamestown… Read More

The Black Journal – (A Ride Home)

Thursday, 9:50 A.M. Thanks for the lift home, Ethan. I don’t think I could have gotten behind the wheel after that. No worries, Sarah. It’s me, and it’s the least I can do. You doing OK? I still… Read More

Earth To Ash – Caution, Area Under Construction

Hey everybody, Need your help with something. I’ve been brainstorming a few new ideas regarding my blog lately. Nothing too dramatic, just a few simple tweaks to make the flow of my page work better. I want to… Read More

The Red Journal (KJYN News at 6:00, Most TV’s In Jamestown)

Thursday, 6:01 P.M. Good evening, folks.Jim Gordons, KJYN News, first at six. At approximately 10:45 A.M. this morning, Jamestown police responded to call about a possible homicide. Several officers and first responders descended upon an abandoned building earlier… Read More

My Heart’s An Open Book

Every day…I write you a love letter.No pen, no paper, just what’s inside my heart.I know they never reach you.But, right now I’m OK with that.Because, no matter how many words I’ve written, or how many more I’ll… Read More

Journal Entry # 154 – Blorft Should Be My Middle Name!

“I was a little excited but mostly blorft. “Blorft” is an adjective I just made up that means ‘Completely overwhelmed but proceeding as if everything is fine and reacting to the stress with the torpor of a possum.’… Read More

Am I Write? # 6 – This Is 100% Me!

Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else. – Gloria Steinem

Journal Entry # 153 – At Least, I Keep Trying To Tell Myself That!!

You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength. – Marcus Aurelius 

Bike Writer # 37 – But, That Can Change Too!!

We kill all the caterpillars, then complain there are no butterflies. – John Marsden

The Brain Stormer Award!

Alright, alright,I’ve had it with this mind hazy, foggy, jumbled thought mode. I’m just going to write my way out of this horrible bout of block. Damn you, internal creative struggle…damn you! Yes, I know, I did manage… Read More