The Brain Stormer Award!

Alright, alright,
I’ve had it with this mind hazy, foggy, jumbled thought mode. I’m just going to write my way out of this horrible bout of block. Damn you, internal creative struggle…damn you! Yes, I know, I did manage to get a few posts out of my system, but that was merely to keep my keyboard fingers out of the quicksand. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, enough of that. Besides, I’m an idiot because all I had to do to get out of this funk was to dust off a post I’ve already been working on. Such as follows.

Last week, I was doing my regular thing here on WordPress. I responded to a couple of comments, acknowledged a few likes and then, began to check out a few blogs. Clicking first on one of my favs. About a minute in, while reading one of their most recent entries which was about a particular award. All of a sudden, boom! “The Brainstormer Award”, and yours truly…the winner. Yessiree, looks like Earth to Ash gets another feather in the old blogging hat. And, it’s all thanks to my dear friend, floatinggold. The person responsible for my shiny new award. You know what? This is just the inspirational kick in the ass I needed to get back on track and to help clear myself of this frustrating head fog.

So, who doesn’t like a pat on the back? It can turn someone’s day completely around in my opinion. That’s how this award hit me first. It was like a great big high five between bloggers. You know, I don’t really talk too much about blogging outside of writing in my own. I don’t tend to share that about myself unless I know the person is genuinely interested. You can tell pretty quickly. Writing has always been my thing, and I guess I protect it in a way. Though, when I do get the left field compliment to something I wrote or my blog in general, well, that for me is the biggest payoff of all. Instant smile maker.

A million and one thanks floatinggold for giving me such high praise and for continuing to be a part of team Earth to Ash. Over the years you’ve always been one of my biggest supporters. Someone who I have grown to depend on for positive critique and genuine in your face feedback. Post after post, I can 100% count on you to give it to me straight and because of that, I’ve become a better writer. I mean that, I really do. Thanks, floatinggold for The Brainstormer Award, and indirectly, thank you for getting me through writer’s block, and last but least, thank you for being a friend.

Cue the Golden Girls Theme Song!!!

11 thoughts on “The Brain Stormer Award!

  1. Congrats Ash! Just in time, eh? Writers’ block is terrible. It can go on for so long and you lose a precious part of yourself for a number of days. Wait a min…that would make for a good poem. 😂

    Oh, and by the way, do you write awards that require you to answer questions?

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    I had to manually check your page out to see this. WTF, WP?

    This was so wonderfully composed. Thank you for all the compliments.
    And I hope you are getting back into the right headspace!

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  3. Writer’s Block? I guess the best advise I can give is to collect more of yourself, of others and pick a few words that excite you until you can creat another piece of writing that doesn’t bore you yourself. That’s how I’ve been working thru mine. I know I’m no expert. Anyway, congrats on the award!

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    1. Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate it and they’re great ideas. I get like that from time to time and you have to put the creativity in overdrive sometimes to break through it. A lot like how you’ve mentioned. Here’s to creativity and here’s to getting through both our block. Cheers my friend. Happy writing!!!

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