Journal Entry # 69 – Summer Don’t Go!

The tans made fade but the memories will last forever! #BikeRider

The Brothers

Eight tracks and underage,
hard rock for the teenage,
one summer eve, surrounded by kings.
They rolled their tokes,
shared loose smokes,
and bragged, of sweetheart flings.
I watched all night,
as they pal and fight.
Curse, and say foolish things.
Like “Play it again.”
said my uncle to a friend,
as we sat, listening, to those guitar strings.

Journal Entry # 68 – Lovely Day

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Bill Withers…keep on smiling!!!!!

Journal Entry # 67 – Have a Heart…

silhouette of man touching woman against sunset sky
Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts.  – Charles Dickens

Fall Guy

nature red forest leaves

Just because, I take a breath,
leaf-peeping through autumn hues.
Chilled zephyrs race tears down a single cheek,
that dewy brisk, restorative.
I wander along the many tints and tones,
embracing change that’s before me.
Just a little further…
and I’ll catch the harvest moon winking.

Journal Entry # 66 – Simply put…

road nature trees branches
“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no. If you don’t step forward, you will always be in the same place.”

Journal Entry # 65 – The Rain

alone animal bird clouds

Rain showers my spirit and waters my soul.
– Emily Logan Decens

Journal Entry # 64 – Be Amazing!

artistic blossom bright clouds

Heal the past, live the present, dream the future!

James Harbour

James Harbour.jpg
Chapter One
The town of James Harbour was just a few short kilometres up ahead. Jake Fox, a detective, was hoping the narrowing of the highway was an indication that this god-forsaken bus ride was nearing its end. The eight-hour drive from where the ferry had landed him had finally taken its toll. Looking out his window, Jake was starting to realize how remote this community was going to be. A complete contrast to the big city in which he just came. ‘People actually live out here?’ He mumbles under his breath. Surveying the landscape some more, he couldn’t deny it’s beauty. Rolling hills and rugged mountains sheltered the tiny hamlet on three sides, tucked away from the mood swings of mother nature. Jake’s view suddenly changed from a picturesque backdrop to a rocky cliff-front. The bus had begun a descent down a steep winding road, at the bottom, a causeway that led directly into the center of town. Read More

Something New Is…

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Working on a story, fiction and I’m thinking I just might share a chapter per entry and see where it takes me.  Testing my discipline and seeing how vulnerable I can be. Interested?

…..stay tuned.