Ashback Friday # 4 – Bump, Volley…Spike!

Yup, those were the days!!!

Afterschool practices and weekend tournaments were my only focus during this chapter of my life. Back when I hadn’t quite grown into my ears yet. Oh, how I miss the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. The clean-shaven, beer shirt wearing, non-look at the camera bunch of guys you see above were once my comrades in arms. For all of high school, I had the awesome opportunity to be a part of a team with these fine lads. Volleyball, basketball, hockey, you name it. We were good too, I’m not just saying that. It was just great chemistry I think, most likely because we all got along so well. Best of all, we got to share a bunch of really cool experiences together, being on the road was one of my favourite parts. It was a great time in my life for sure. When I look at the newspaper clipping now, I wonder what everybody is up to. It’s been forever since I have seen or spoken to most. I think this was 1994.

No, I truly couldn’t have had a better group of guys, it was a pleasure to shed my blood, sweat and tears on the courts of yesteryear. It’s both surreal and crazy flashing back to these good old days. Days of achy, growing pain knees, hotdogs at intermission and loud sweaty packed gymnasiums where St. Joseph’s All Grade legends were made. I got goosebumps right now just writing about it.

Go, SJS Eagles….go! haha

Play any sports in high school? Were you an athlete? Or maybe a part of another peer group of sorts? How do you feel when you look back on that time in your life today? Love to hear about it.

Fun tidbit: Our pre-game warmup always consisted of the playlist below, now…turn it up!!!

Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction

Metallica – Enter the Sandman

ACDC – Thunderstruck; and

Kiss – Domino

Like I said, those were the days…:)

My Redemption

how-to-find-yourself.jpeg My memory is all I have to adore you.

A broken heart still bleeding for attention.

Before the picture fades,

I pray for a lost connection.

My fault bears a cross,

though, it was never my intention.

Forgive this, my wordy plea,

and grant me redemption.

Ashback Friday # 3 – Very Very Sneaker there Mother!


Hello all,
I can’t recall the year, couldn’t even guess, but yours truly used to rock those kicks you see above. How cool was I? Gosh, I was about ten, eleven, maybe even twelve. I’m telling you, they had me at “that cool thing that I drink is now on my shoes”. Right away, I was awestruck. I stared and stared at those “make me the coolest guy in school” sneakers for as long as I could. A crosswalk had flashed don’t walk, so I had about a minute to take it in before we had to move on. I could almost touch them. They were right there behind a thin pane of glass, front and center, on display in the storefront of a sports apparel store. The whole time I was hoping that my mother at some point, might have seen me drolling and bought them for me. You see, I was a very shy kid and the chances of me asking for them straight out were pretty slim. Although go ahead and ask her now, she’ll tell you that I definitely don’t mind asking anymore. Love you, mom! No, dear readers, my signals must have gone unnoticed as my mother didn’t even turn around, didn’t even flinch. Then, just what I needed, the crosswalk switched and the little glowing man taunted me away from the window. I gave chase to the rest of the gang. Those Coke sneakers were all I could think about the whole way home, or more specifically, back to my aunt and uncles place in the city where we were visiting.

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Journal Entry # 88 – Betrayal

Beware the person that stabs you and tells the world they’re the one who’s bleeding.

Journal Entry # 87 – And I Ran…

dsc_0329Because with a little fresh air as my fuel, I got to chase down this moment!!!
#RightNow #Living

Journey Entry # 86 – Be Happy!

typewriter“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” – Omar Khayyam

My Misery

images (4).jpgWhy can’t I smile and mean it anymore?
Is it because of my friend, dear Misery?
But, I’ve known her now, more than anyone of flesh.
She whispers constantly in my ear.
Of a promise…that if I go with her.
She’ll take my spirit and scatter it amongst the stars,
so I may no longer be alone, in this world of the forgotten.

Like a Dream!

images (3).jpg
Your heart is like a dream. Once I awaken, everything disappears.

Ashback Friday # 2 – That Afternoon…

We played and played. Dad, at your service, what game shall we play next? You couldn’t get enough of me and I couldn’t take my eyes off of you…that afternoon, together.

Journal Entry # 85 – As the day gets on…

The sun himself is weak when he first rises, and gathers strength and courage as the day gets on.
 —Charles Dickens