Am I Write? # 21 – If You Write It, They Will Read


Just because you think you can’t write does not make it so. – Ash

Days In Our Lives Together


I was with you for a while
every one of those moments I playback when I think of you
when my heart is calling out for yours to hear
your skin a shade of an angel
hair…I remember its smell tucked close under my chin
when you smiled the whole world became happy
and those eyes
they kept exploding my heart stretching it with love
you are the best thing that ever happened to me
a day that changed my life
so beautiful and full of hope…and my daughter
our bond and made up language only ours
will be forever
your laughter is what I hear the most, only it grows faint
those days I miss you so much it kills me a little bit more
reminds me how I am living with an empty heart
with a box full of memories
slowly losing what it feels like to have a pulse
as the pages of my mind bleed ink
disappearing the days of our lives together
all I have left are these words to keep going

Am I Write? # 20 – Keep Searching for the Write Inspiration

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If you can’t make a habit of writing, make a habit of observing, then write about it. – Ash

Me and the End of Summer

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Red sky evenings 
I remember them 
stretched highway at eight o’clock 
over the overpass to watch  
there is one last summer night coming out to play 
my pace quickens to catch up 
traffic flies by this one road boy 
who is wandering far from what he can recognize
adventure must be the same no matter where you are 
until I pass by an old train track that divided two kinds 
no friends from either so I move on
you could hear blades of grass keep a cool breeze in check 
slowing down seconds for teenagers of the land 
to win toys, steal kisses, and lose ice cream 
it is impossible to be this alone  
with Carnival noises filling the air 
but the lights threaten shadows 
the stars show up, crowds filter, I am lost
walking forever on the eve of September 
heading back to the red road toward home 

Am I Write? # 19 – Make it a Block Party

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When I am battling writer’s block, I surround myself with all types of creativity. I read, I listen, and I watch. It is the inspiration of others that allows me find my own. – Ash

Something About Today # 4

Sometimes we have to change our perspective to get the light back into our lives. It is OK to sit in the clouds, but never stop chasing the sun. – Ash

Something About Today # 3

I remember nights growing up where a neighbourhood street light made for the perfect set piece to the play of summer. – Ash

Something About Today # 2

I remember how long summer days were as a kid. It seemed as if there was time even between the seconds. – Ash

Something About Today # 1

A compliment can really turn someone’s day around. By the way, I love the way you read things. – Ash

You Should Never Feel Deserted

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See someone in quicksand. Be the branch that pulls them out. No one should ever feel deserted. – Ash

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