Journal Entry # 226 – Life Expectancy

It is not how long I live, but how I live. I am accounting for all the time I can earn. Tax your body and expect returns. – Ash

That’s A Dandy Line

When a flower is plucked from the garden, it quickly forgets where it once was planted. – Ash/Dad

Am I Write? # 16 – Started Has A Pilot Project

Writing gives my soul a stage to perform. – Ash

A Shade of Ash # 15 – Today’s A Given

As another day sets, I stand in retrospect and watch as the sun goes away…maybe forever. A few minutes left of today to ponder some yesterdays with an old friend who has since lost his battle. Sadly, I am reminded of one of the realities of life is death. And, how sometimes we take life for granted not knowing for sure if tomorrow will be. – Ash

Am I Write? # 15 – I’m That Type Writer

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The only thing I hate about writing is having to return to the real world. – Ash

A Shade of Ash # 14 – I Have To Watch My Own Back Too

I made peace with something not long ago. It hurt, it also healed. The result was me realizing that I am not letting go forever, but rather, me accepting I cannot hang for now. Life needs to be continued… – Ash/Dad

Bike Writer # 57 – I Ashore You, It’s Good Advice!

Having a good day starts with wanting to in the first place. So, when the focus is happiness, just try your best to finish what you’ve started. – Ash

A Harbour Night

Boats sway nestled to port
quietly breaking the ocean toward the shore
its laps catch my ear
then, I see
I watch as the moorings drip
counting seconds for no reason
high over in the charcoaling sky
chimney smoke rises, strangling the hills
blips of buoy lights reach north and south
tomorrow to be a beautiful day
this, a story, a grandfather tale
to comfort me
as I am ushered home by the dear harbour
before it can sleep it sings
lending me its sounds for sweet dreams to come
allows me the harmony of its salty crests
until I turn my door in goodnight
I listen for the songs of the harbour

Bike Writer # 56 – Now This Is What I Am Docking About

There are moments like this where it’s a shame I need to blink. – Ash

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