Earth to Ash

Month: October 2016

Excuse Me, Sir?

I’m pretty much like a lot of people when it comes to getting older and  what I mean is, we all see ourselves as being slightly younger than we actually are.  I still see myself as a young guy in my twenties,… Read More

Leave Alone

As I stare at the branches the leaves fall away, Barely able to hang on, the season won’t let them stay; Their colors deep shades of orange, some the darkest red, I watched as the wind held you as you fled; Your… Read More

No Pattern to the Mist

Hearing the rain reminds me of nights stayed in, There was always something soothing about the wind; The house shaking with every blowing gale, The lights would blink, the lights would fail; An extra blanket may be needed, it’s bound to get… Read More

Daily Prompt: Value

“Value a moment of your life that makes you smile”.  So much goes on in our lives that we don’t take advantage of the smaller moments.  I went outside today and the first thing that I noticed was how much the trees… Read More