No Pattern to the Mist

Hearing the rain reminds me of nights stayed in,
There was always something soothing about the wind;

The house shaking with every blowing gale,
The lights would blink, the lights would fail;

An extra blanket may be needed, it's bound to get cold,
Holding the covers tight, the heat I must hold;

The winds and rain violently crashing against the glass,
Each and every gust so much different than the last;

Whipping at the window no pattern to the mist,
Sometimes the sounds would allow me to drift;

I lie in bed staring at the ceiling,
The storm outside sometimes defines how I'm feeling;

As the rain pours down I get lost in my thoughts,
I recall the memories I had almost forgot;

Nowhere to be and nowhere to go,
Whistling of the wind as it continues to blow;

Tonight I’ll curl up to the howling pitter patters,
For now at least nothing else matters.

5 thoughts on “No Pattern to the Mist

  1. So you’re a pun enthusiast, eh? We’ll I have a degree in punology, my friend. So you show me yours and I’ll show you mine. Do you know why a tree is a better pet than a dog? The bark won’t wake up the neighbors. You’re up.

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  2. I’m very fond of poems written in couplets. Your rhymes flow well… they don’t feel forced.

    Your blog is well designed. I am a little disconcerted, however, to see that I also follow every blog you have in your “blogs I follow” list. Perhaps a case for the X-Files?

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