Journal Entry # 180 – Be Someone Who Smiles in the Rain

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Weakness (Haiku)

Under this street lightpouring down rain in the coldalone, and done wrong

Bike Writer # 2 – Your World, Your Words!!!

A writer is a world trapped in a person. – Victor Hugo

For That Moment

I sat one day. Alone, on a palette chair. Sit in spatters and their quiet stories. Did watch as pebbles danced in entertain. For granted, I was easily led. So naive that tomorrow won’t go away. It was… Read More

Journal Entry # 65 – The Rain

Rain showers my spirit and waters my soul. –¬†Emily Logan Decens

No Pattern to the Mist

Hearing the rain reminds me of nights stayed in, There was always something soothing about the wind; The house shaking with every blowing gale, The lights would blink, the lights would fail; An extra blanket may be needed,… Read More