Story Jots # 5 – Serial Number

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The body was easy to move from the place to the car to the boat. As it always is. Premeditation is kind of my thing. I have done this same routine maybe a hundred times. No, I believe it is a hundred and six times. Yeah, a hundred and six. You know, blondes are my favourite of all the women. Slightly more gullible. Usually more attractive. All of them walking by themselves late at night. Coming from their restaurant shifts, drunken bachelorette parties, or on their way to an ex-boyfriend. Then, I would present myself to these tired, these tipsy, and these texting specimens. Most nights, it is an unlit cigarette in poor lighting that works effortlessly. Cliché I know. Although, there were times I would fake a bleeding lip on this fragile face of mine. It was easy with these ladies the way I look. Always so helpful they are. But now I am bored. Unmotivated. No more of this killing racket. I am done. Finished. The girls just do not seem to fight back anymore anyway. Shall I leave a clue? Maybe allow one to getaway? Hmmm. Better yet! How about this one? Number 107. I mean, after all of that and you, my pretty blonde lady…are still breathing.

9 thoughts on “Story Jots # 5 – Serial Number

      1. Oh my, thanks, Laura. That made me smile and made my day too. I dabble and read a lot, I guess that helps. It’s definitely a genre I’m getting used to. Sending a smile back your way. 🙂

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  1. I like how effortlessly this flowed. This could easily be a beginning of a riveting novel. “Diary of a serial killer” or something like that. You’ve definitely hooked us with this.

    (Side note: “on this fragile face on mine” change the second ‘on’ to ‘off.’ Also, “I mean, after all of that and you, my pretty blonde lady…are still breathing.” I’d take out “and.”)

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    1. Thank you so much for this comment. I was literally telling a friend of mine how much I appreciate you in terms of being a friend and an awesome critique of my stuff. Funny how you ended commenting like seconds after. Oh, and by the way, fixed it. Damn, I read that like 100 times. Weird. Good catch, hope you’re well.

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