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This time it didn’t matter if I held you
I guess my heart grew stronger from all the breaks
Like a junky with a kicked addiction
my track marks no longer have aches

I fought through the pain of withdrawal
alone and in despair
Worth nothing more to you, forgotten
in some gutter behind nowhere

Day and night I yearned for another fix
even if it was to be my last
Only it was you who controlled the poison
Stronger than any vial or any glass

I had to kick this dirty habit
I just had to say goodbye
For the therapy of holding on to you
was worse than coming down from the high

Now, my veins are finally clean
suppressed from the urge of you
It took my own rock bottom to discover…
that a drug can be tainted too

17 thoughts on “Recovery

      1. Yeah, I finally had to stop taking the blame and realize that sometimes things are the way they are and you just have to let it play out. The sad part is the time being lost. Over the years I’ve been pretty hard on myself and I had to stop doing that because it was making my life miserable.

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      2. Ive always heard the size say, the truth is always somewhere in the middle. Though I don’t know the details of your story, this piece clearly exposes your scares. I hope with each new day, you diligently continue to lay down the blame, and pick up grace. Treat yourself with all that you gave another… Because you’re just as worthy and deserving of it.

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      3. Wow, I’m lost for words. That is the nicest thing to say and so true to my life. Thank you for this lovely note I appreciate you dropping by and taking the time to leave a very hopeful message. Take care.

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