For a Spell

Quotidian stories they share, sitting shoulder to shoulder. Those confabulating chaps with their doddery routine, fidget on a bench of stone. Each muster for a spell, hoary old fellows chinwag anecdotes to their nature, as I eves-dropped for… Read More

The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

Hey there readers, You know what’s great? Getting feedback on how your writing is doing, how my written word is being received by the inter-world. I love feedback, the more the merrier in my opinion. The Ink Owl has… Read More

The Mystery Blogger Award X 2

What’s the mystery blogger award? a la the creator… “Mystery Blogger Award is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there… Read More

The Rain Made Me Do It

I surveil the abstract of rain drops as they slither the outside pane, it’s journey, merely a moment in time. Each tiny drop, they dazzle like fireworks synchronizing with my deluge of thoughts now cached from a once… Read More

For Granted

Blare my name, call me to the table, wake me up early… just one more time…

The Torment

Again, I lie awake, assuaged by the stillness of night, a clock ticking, then tocking, slowly teasing me with dawn. Soon the fringe of daylight will edge toward tomorrow, exposing my scars of yesterday, barely healed. Why is… Read More

Sunshine Blogger Award

Here we go again, The Ink Owl  was awesome enough to give me this shout out the other day and I wanted to share this post to thank him. My last blog entry was about an award and I… Read More

One Lovely Blog Award!

Got to admit, I feel kind of bad that it has taken me this long to post this award, shame on me. Sometime ago, Avid Observer took the time to credit me with another writing acknowledgment, I’m only… Read More

Bike Rider

What a day!!!, and I took full advantage of it. Today was another holiday Monday so I was eager to hit the trails early and see where two tires could take me. I had a quick breakfast, greased… Read More

Just Write

I’m sitting here in a coffee shop, slamming back caffeine, trying to get my creative juices flowing, it’s not going so well.  I mean there’s Jazz playing in the background, I’m sitting in a cozy chair and it’s… Read More