Monthly Archives: November 2015

That old rocking chair

A whistle from another room, a few words of a song, I would hear your voice and come running along. I jump into your lap, frighten you with cheer, You would simply caress my back and say “oh dear”. “Where are you going?” you would always ask, “Don’t know my father I just have time […]

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Dream of better days

Your eyes now cast an empty blank stare, But I know deep inside that you are still there. I miss the talks, that we would always share, When I came calling, you were always there. I miss coming home to a well-cooked meal, To a warm embrace, true love I did feel. Gently caressing my […]

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Board much??

I did something last night that I haven’t done in quite some time and that was play a board game, I didn’t need batteries, there were no wires, and I certainly didn’t need to be in WiFi range, just some old school board gaming fun.  Gaming consoles, computers, and hand-held devices usually take precedent over […]

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