A Shade of Ash # 18 – Raised My Voice For A Change (Audio)

5 thoughts on “A Shade of Ash # 18 – Raised My Voice For A Change (Audio)

  1. You’ve got a good radio voice. It sounded like you started off a bit shy but then you found your groove as you went along.

    I think you know already – there is some background noise that is kind of distracting. Hopefully, you can figure out how to get rid of it.

    I encourage you to push with the podcast since it seems like something you’re excited about. You’ve got a nice setup there (judging from the photo; if it’s yours).

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    1. Ah, the comment I was waiting for. You’re right, there is some feedback. Hoping my soon to arrive mixer will solve that. As I mentioned I knew there would be bugs but I’m grateful you chimed in. Thanks too for the support and yeah I did hit a groove afterwards. I think I might keep going and see what happens. BTW it is my setup, thanks for the kudos there as well. I appreciate you. 🙏

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